In a nutshell:


I look exactly like the devil guy in this gif. Plus, that’s the advice I would give in that situation.


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  1. Aeoli, your blog will soon be added to our Actually Autistic Blogs List (anautismobserver.wordpress.com). Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to customize your blog’s description.
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)

  2. VidereLicet says:

    Alex Jones claims to be a “Christian”, but he worships the Jew’s RED jew cow. He had an article about the Jew Red Cow a few years back. In the commentary thread I got into a debate with some Jews about the Red Jew cow, I won the debate, the jews lost the debate, Alex Jones deleted the whole commentary thread [ about 140 comments ], becuse it was obvious the jews lost the debate. He then blocked anyone from commenting under his Red Jew Cow article. Jone’s “Sacred Cow” Productions. The sacred cow isn’t a Hindo Sacred cow, it’s the RED Jew Cow. That’s what Alex Jones worships, the Red Jew Cow. The Red Jew Cow is Sacred to Jones. He claims to be against the New World Order but he’s an ardent Zionist. I guess, as per Alex Jones, no one is supposed to know the New World Order IS based on ZIONISM.

    Also, when it comes to racial issues, the trolls on his payroll, in the commentary threads of Infowars and Prison Planet, the trolls on Jones’ payroll are always goading everyone on to kill cops ” Kill The Cops! Kill The Pigs!”. Although they goad everyone to kill cops, their message is always geared most to the Black American readers. Many of the trolls on Jones’ payroll are located at the COMMUNIST Universtity of Chicago. It’s not far-fetched that Alex Jones was once Bill Hicks. Hicks was an ardent Leftist and many of Jones’ trolls are stationed in the LEFTIST-COMMUNIST University of Chicago. Their offices, where so many trolls who work for Alex Jones, their offices are in the Sociology Department building on COMMUNIST Saul Alinksy’s COMMUNIST University of Chicago campus. I looked up the IP number, I don’t remember if it was Prison Planet or Infowars, anyway, the IP number led directly to the Sociology Department building of the University of Chicago. That was about 5 -6 years ago. Who knows where an IP search of Jones’ websites will lead to today.

    For more information about the Jew’s RED Jew cow religion Alex Jones worships and adores :

    “Red Jew Cow And Scofield Bible”

    “Red Jew Cow And Freemasons”

    Two websites from the search terms [ and there are many more websites where you can learn about the Jew’s RED Jew Cow religion ] :



    Anyone who worships the RED Jew Cow is NOT a Christian, is NOT an American Christian patriot, is NOT any kind of American patriot, and is NOT the least bit opposed to the New World Order — because the Jew’s RED Jew Cow religion is ALL about the New World Order. I guess, as per Alex Jones, no one is supposed to know the Jew’s RED Jew Cow religion he worships is ALL about the New World Order.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Projection. VidereLicet is fake and gay.

      • VidereLicet says:

        You know, I was just about to apologize to you for CENSORING my above post, I thought you had censored it. My mistake, an egregious mistake too boot, and I was just about to send you an apology for mistakenly accusing you of censoring the above post. I’m still going to apologize to you for my egregious stupid mistake, but I do have to say, you really make it difficult to want to apologize to you.

        “fake and gay” or not, I’m sincerely sorry for having falsely accused you of censorship. I got egg on my face in addition to being “fake and gay” and you of course come-out looking absolutely Sterling, more power to you, you must be an ¡ALPHA! , leader of the pack! :)

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Apology accepted. And I’m willing to apologize in turn for escalating, but you started it, and if I apologize without some indication of future goodwill that makes me a cuck. Your first ever comment was three paragraphs accusing me of shilling for the Deep State.

          Would you like to start over?

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