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Spooky podcast pt. 2: The enspoopenating

More shiposting than you can handle up in here.

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It’s funny that everybody in this country says they’re resisting authority, and yet… Solomon: Bring a sword and split the nation. Right: Lol, do it! Left: My baby!

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A reminder from our eldritch sponsors

Text for S.J.Res.49 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): “A joint resolution condemning the violence and domestic terrorist attack that took place during events between August 11 and August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, recognizing the first responders who lost their lives … Continue reading

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Brocast: the lost audio files of Gobekli Tepe

This is like when you release the B-sides, except we forgot to record the A-sides. I assure you that the lost parts of the audio were extremely professional and no autistic people peed with the bathroom door open and their … Continue reading

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Spooky Halloween podcast

MM and I got drunk and shitposted. I watched up until the music gets a little quieter around the 4:20 mark (BLAZE IT) so I haven’t seen all the production yet but there’s quite a bit of Roger Stone in … Continue reading

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Blockheads #1: All of it

Sapiens meets neanderthal. This will end well, I’m sure of it. Next comic

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Conditions for optimism

A couple months ago I posed myself a counterfactual: what would I need to see in order to feel good about the odds for a white Christian nation in America 200 years from now? Here are the answers that have … Continue reading

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Central conceits

A central conceit is the substitution of an unexamined contradiction in place of an unresolved paradox which, by the explosion principle, may be used to justify any inappropriate desire, behavior, or belief. The “centrality” of it comes from its function … Continue reading

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On false flags and fake news

From Discord again, The #Magabomber is almost certainly a false flag by dems to help them increase turnout in mid terms. Could be wrong, but timing, targets, and fact that nobody got hurt is suspicious at best” Yes, fake news. … Continue reading

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Further thoughts on the nature of genius

The mechanism of prodigious genius can be described as the rapid generation of expert intuition in some field by obsessive-compulsive, subconscious recombination of its fundamental principles, which provides the benefits of many years’ worth of mental rehearsal, relentlessly driven by … Continue reading

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