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Jay Bhattacharya: A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

This is an excellent article in every way. The only problem is it actually addresses the problem instead of using Covid as an thinly veiled excuse to advance the interests of global Jewish tyranny, which is how policies get chosen … Continue reading

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Misc thoughts re: 2030 national survival project

This may be useful: Propertarianism, other than being woefully idealistic about masculine coercion being morally superior to feminine coercion, is not a bad add-on. I should probably be putting a lot more time into pirating and organizing e-books for … Continue reading

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Gantz as allegory for the biological process of conception

This is a weird one. I can’t recommend the anime in good conscience but the manga is engrossing and the CG movie on Netflix is pretty damn fun. Ed Dutton describes the biological process of conception as millions of sperm … Continue reading

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Re: Basilica of the Uganda Martyrs

Aeoli, what is your take on the Basilica of the Uganda Martyrs? Job La Salle It’s a geodesic cone with a hat. Notably, the hat is the kind melonheads always end up wearing. After looking up the definition of basilica … Continue reading

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Speculative early hand-reading physiognomy (get these takes while they’re hot!)

Here’s the digit ratio study in question: The first order of business is to decode this shit into something easier to read. High 3D:5D means you have a long middle finger relative to your pinky, which is a feminine … Continue reading

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Christianity and cannibalism reprise

A rant I did elsewhere doing a couple of bits that are old hat around here, but worth repeating and possibly better written. Started from someone else posting this: 1 and 5 would be ok if the authority and social … Continue reading

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Dome aesthetics: The firmament ordains and blesses the avatar beneath

(More Owlpoasting.) The Twitter guy is waxing a bit lyrical about a thatched-roof house but the interior is admittedly comfy af.The cool thing is that, like Rwandan genetics, it’s like a halfway point between Arab sheik and African chief.You can … Continue reading

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Female white guilt as fertility signalling

An insight that came up during the following conversation. “Without guilt” seems to be how you market things to women. I guess they feel guilty about a lot, or at least try to make it look as if they are. … Continue reading

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Massive cyber attack on the internet right masked by election coverage

Something that’s being intentionally lost in the election coverage is a massive cyber espionage campaign that was waged against right-wing platforms yesterday. I’m calling it a cyber attack and not “deplatforming” based on the results. Here’s the data I’m working … Continue reading

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