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Defooing isn’t power

This is one of Vox’s lower-IQ refrains: A week without Trump and he’s back to 1995 and libertarianism. It’s particularly ironic that he says this in the midst of hedge funds getting bailed out while the hegemons of the stock … Continue reading

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Survival instinct clearly is not native to homo sapiens

Imagine this being your anxiety response to impending resource scarcity. It makes sense though. In Africa survival is something that just happens or just doesn’t happen. Like, you know, magic.

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MM explains Gamestonk

Here’s an intro explanation I liked. MM text begins below the screencap. Apparently the idea is that these financial elites agreed to put Gamestop out of business before Friday, releasing them from their obligations. EDITED FOR POSTING, ADDED LINKS ‘GME … Continue reading

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Why Q isn’t harmless

These people are exactly the same as Antifa. Q is anarchotyranny. And if you examine the Q narrative, you’ll realize it was a Bolshevist coup for conservatives from the very beginning. It was fake Bolshevism, but they supported it because … Continue reading

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Theory: Jews and women have no mental category for positive punishment (vs. negative reward)

I have a theory that diaspora Jews, like mothers, have no concept of the difference between negative reward and positive punishment. You can think of this as how libertarians will tell you to boycott a company as “punishment”. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Homeschool or die

…in federal prison. This development is actually a white pill for me because most people will only homeschool to save their own skins. As long as it was just their kids suffering, they were okay with it. You can feel … Continue reading

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Damn (the IQ is real)

Tex again, yesterday: So now that I got rid of all those happy and optimistic thoughts my mind rebooted on ROM from it’s slothful languor (believing that Trump and Q were going to set it all right) to my usual … Continue reading

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Mastermind Biden

I could have made a dozen of these but these were the funniest. Play dumb? No one plays dumber than The Mastermind. Trump was a 4D chess grandmaster…and he lost. BUT TO WHOMST?

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Math problem for a little software project, part 2 of 2

Looks like I left off part 1 at determining equations and functions for placing points on the three axes. Remember, once we have all 5 points for all Big 5 personality traits, we’re going to take the average of their … Continue reading

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Peekaf the outcast

Read from right to left. Rosine used the behelit to sacrifice her parents to demons and become the fairy demon in the last panel. As you might guess, taking the Faustian bargain ends badly for her. Refer to the full … Continue reading

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