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Antisine, anticosine

A lot of math terminology is inefficient, and that’s being generous. One could also call it incoherent. But I talk too much about that. Here’s a specific change I’d like to see: antisine x, rather than or It just makes … Continue reading

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LaTeX in Blogger

How to do it. The online editor. Examples:

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Wenzel speaks truth to the Fed

It’s one of the greatest speeches ever made, even though it may never enjoy a soundbite in traditional media. If for some reason you won’t read it, at least read his conclusion: I will now give you more warnings about … Continue reading

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CISPA passed the House

So that’s fun. Here’s the roll call. Ron Paul apparently abstained. Leigh Beadon weighs in: Now, critics of the bill have of course been saying all along that it could be used for things way beyond this stated cybersecurity purpose. … Continue reading

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Physical attraction

The Private Man points out how difficult it’s not. What are the differences between the two photos? Weight Clothes Grooming (especially the hair) Skin (probably due to healthier diets) It’s not complicated. The food, hair, and clothes aren’t free, but … Continue reading

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INTJs are weird

The plan was to go to bed. Instead, I memorized this chart. Eat your heart out, Mises. I found a pretty good field guide for talking to INTJs. It’s written by/for INTJs, though, because the author probably knew that no … Continue reading

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Quick observation: left-brain manipulation

Today I had some fun with visuospatial manipulations, just to try them out. Nothing formal or esoteric, just imagining that I could move, bend, and stretch objects around me, and testing the limits of the complexity my brain can handle. … Continue reading

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Three abstract ideas

Show off your genius! Usually, creative genius consists of combining two abstract ideas into something new. For example, combining the idea of selling books with the idea of internet shopping (Amazon). It’s not all that difficult, after a couple of … Continue reading

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Prospect theory (and nerds)

Another great bit from Schneier: People tend to be risk-averse when it comes to gains, and risk-seeking when it comes to losses. If you give people a choice between a $500 sure gain and a coin-flip chance of a $1,000 … Continue reading

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Fantastic video

H/T Bruce Schneier

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