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Addendum to culture war, part 1

What will happen when I die? (Nothing -> loss of existence -> existentialism) The other components are left as an exercise for the reader. This has to be an exercise in intuition because these components aren’t logically defined here. Here … Continue reading

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Culture war, part 1

Religion is to genetics as bones are to muscles. The culture war Westerners find ourselves in is an existential conflict between competing worldviews. One of these worldviews is Christian, and the other is willing to believe whatever is expedient for … Continue reading

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For maybe a year I’ve only been reading Vox, Heartiste, and the forum. If you recall, about this time last year I was threatening to kill anyone on the planet who plagiarized my content, and ruining a three-year internet friendship … Continue reading

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Lies, shame, guilt

Shame is the emotional drive that prevents people from making lies of commission, i.e. false representations of reality. Individuals (e.g. psychopaths) and racial populations (e.g. Semitics, Africans) that have no feelings of restraint about lying for personal gain are therefore … Continue reading

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Sensory acclimatization

I think one of the thal’s greatest weaknesses is a very slow rate of acclimatization to new environments. In particular, I believe our sensory processing tends to be narrow and deep, having a lot of complexity in familiar environments and … Continue reading

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Dispositions to charity: masters, slaves, and free men

I have a theory that these three types of people can be distinguished as follows. You give them charity Master: hates you for it Slave: hates you for it Free man: loves you for it They give you charity Master: … Continue reading

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Arch melon phrenology

Melonheads in general are described primarily by the following traits: 1. Elongated skull, and particularly specialized overdevelopment of the parietal bone 2. Shallow eye sockets 3. Generally aerodynamic facial shape (with retreating periorbital sockets) Arch melons can be distinguished from … Continue reading

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Known overwatch theory archetypes and the leapfrog identity rule

Original theory is here. The archetypal pyramid society’s hierarchy, as I understand it, has at least these castes: Satan ??? Alchemists Politicians (generally snake melons) Technocrats (generally MTs) Demagogues (generally big-eye melons) Neurotics* (described in the original post) Middle class … Continue reading

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Indoctrination as Final Fantasy trope

Here’s one for you… That guy Kefka? He was Cid’s first experimental Magitek knight. But the process wasn’t perfect yet. Something snapped in Kefka that day… Citizen of Vector City As I’ve mentioned before, in Western art culture magic refers … Continue reading

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If Assange was assassinated…

That would indicate to me that they’re planning to fake the election wholesale. The important takeaway is that this would be a sacrifice throw, losing the rule of law necessitates the immediate imposition of totalitarian control. I think they’ll try … Continue reading

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