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Would you employ me? Would you run a business with me? Would you work for me?

Based on what you know about me or interactions you’ve had. More explanation is preferred because I’m only asking for the purpose of building self-awareness. As usual for posts of this type, all bans are temporarily lifted and you may … Continue reading

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Two lessons from being sick all week

Last Saturday I came down with the worst case of strep throat I’ve ever had. It was bad enough that I was considering the hospital as a possibility despite having no health insurance, which would have required a declaration of … Continue reading

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Re: Banned Hipster’s reader mail

Question 1: Is there an argument to be made from the Bible that Whites have a right to exist as a people or peoples(s)? All the power positions in churches around the country seem to push the opposite. Hi, sorry … Continue reading

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Moral character in women, as distinct from men

I was musing on la difference because it didn’t feel right to expect women to know what to do in a particular situation. For men we can sum up character as knowing the right thing to do and doing it … Continue reading

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