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Liberalism is a literal suicide cult

Brains are not for figuring out what to do, that’s what hearts are for. One of the most important life lessons is that you shouldn’t even try to make decisions with your brain, because in the meantime your heart will … Continue reading

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Alpha is a neurochemical addiction to WINNING

This idea is embarrassingly obvious in retrospect. Analogous ideas: Genius as addiction Symptoms of genius addiction Warrior idealism The final piece of this fell into place for me somewhere in the comment thread of the previous post on Gammas and … Continue reading

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Marc MacYoung on Gamma males, and defining SSMV by resource production

No Nonsense Self-Defense is one of the top five websites on the internet. Bookmark it and read everything. Here’s an explanation of what Gamma males are as a function of resource scarcity (mindset) and greed, using selected quotes from the … Continue reading

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There are posts coming soon, sorry about the long absence.

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Analysis of paganism as I understand it

This is for Vejiortan, although he’s probably going to hate my perspective :-P. However, this is a comprehensive and representative expression of what I believe. The common element of paganism in all its forms is metaphysics, the idea that material … Continue reading

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More flag-reading

Reading flags and corporate logos is really fun for me now that I have the basic language down. Previous installments on this topic: Beginnings of a universal symbolic language (form constants) Examples of symbolic compositions Another symbol composition Divisions of … Continue reading

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The problem with neopagans, expounded

Inspired by a rant from the original nobilid: Super Mario, a white male made by japs, seems to be the best compromise. As much as I enjoy shitting on jap cartoons in favor of western super heroes, can you really … Continue reading

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Speculations on higher functions in Koanic’s mohawk

Typical disclaimer: This is one of those “ghost maybe” occ posts where you should mentally insert a “maybe” in front of each statement so I don’t have to fill the post full of qualifiers. These opinions are purely intuitionistic and … Continue reading

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