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Sprint this Saturday 1-4 PM EST, and a poll: would you want your kid(s) to be aspie or NT?

Same rules as before, don’t forget to say what you’ll be working on in the comments of this post to get full credit. The religious culture war discussion is closed to further members but if you participate in this sprint … Continue reading

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Some expectations

Although “likes” aren’t something we really do around here, you may be interested to know that my post Reinventing normal, self-help for the new underclass has far and away the most likes (six likes, five of which appear to be … Continue reading

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Privacy follows from responsibility

This is an interesting discovery for me, because as I’ve mentioned before I have significant boundary issues, no reciprocity instinct, and a tendency to overshare. Or as Boneflour demured, So the notion of “privacy” never really made sense. The way … Continue reading

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Double jeopardy as formality

Now that I’ve threatened to behelit myth you all and had a great night of sleep, we can stop wasting time and get back to the ludicrous posting schedule. Milo is back, despite some pretty damning pedophilia associations and a … Continue reading

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Akuma/Lazer/Tolian/etc. is banned

I’ve received some criticism for a lack of clarity regarding expectations. However, I have made my feelings about doxxing extremely clear. It’s bad enough if you dox someone else on here in a fit of impotent rage, but if you … Continue reading

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Of disgrace and triumph

This week’s churchpoasting is a continuation of this blog’s emergent theme that Jesus’ message was an inversion of the humanistic Luciferianism to which humans return as a default position. MARK 15.16-32: THE CRUCIFIXION NARRATIVE AND THE ROMAN TRIUMPHAL PROCESSION By … Continue reading

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Identity as idea

There’s an overcorrection, common in the ‘sphere, that identity politics obviates ideas. This is only a partial truth. When we talk about “ideas” in this sense we mean that two parties agree on values (preferred ends) and have differing opinions … Continue reading

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On the existence of archaic racial archetypes

There’s an ongoing debate in the ‘sphere about whether the extremes of human phenotypal expression can be explained better as simple variation in homo sapiens sapiens or as clusters of traits in the hominids which mixed to produce modern man. … Continue reading

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Updated morning routine

Here’s a routine that’s worked for me through thick and thin. (0. Get enough quality sleep. Ideally I’d get nine good hours per night, but sometimes I go quite a bit longer to make up on ever-encroaching sleep debt. In … Continue reading

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Definition of the problem and rules of engagement

Four people participated in the sprint last week and three spectated and shitposted with us. If you’re in one of those groups please look for the new channel and test your permissions—if you’re a “doer” you’ll have normal channel rights, … Continue reading

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