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Audio qualitycast

I have to listen back but I remember this one being pretty good. That occasional buzzing sound is skype. The podcast audio is now perfect (relative to what it has been). Tell me if it isn’t loud enough or if … Continue reading

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Radiation cooling

Apropos of nothing, Anyway, here’s a question about cold. Currently, it’s 36 F degrees in Valley Village, CA. Yet I expect there to be frost on the roof of my house at 7 AM, even though the temperature won’t quite … Continue reading

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Blockheads: The emperor’s new clothes (revised)

A more realistic ending.

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Re: Assisted suicide

The case against legalized suicide is the same as the case against legalized murder. Sure, there are some outlying times when murder is the right thing to do. Making it legal is still a bad idea because it changes the … Continue reading

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How To Live On A Retail Wage

Boneflour’s internet guide to being poor Change your mind Count your money Imagine success Begin system changes Cut expenses Food Housing Leisure Health Debt Final Budget If you are working retail or fast food, you’re going to be broke as … Continue reading

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2nd half not as entertaining maybe, but actually dank discussion. summary: -Trump here and there -Discord drama 🙂 -Aeoli’s audio gets MUCH better at 20 mins or so (“good enough” throughout. 8/10 blender barn SPX90 noise filter chain sidechain limiter … Continue reading

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Illustration of the incentive structure which corrupts elites in ages of civil decline

The following illustrated screenplay is from an Italian film titled Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion, which is about a homicide detective whose religious devotion to the institution of law drives him to murder his mistress in a tantrum of … Continue reading

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I may have to eat crow on this one

Jazzhands & Ethnarch from FTN (in this particular case Jazz & Jessie) seem to think, after supposedly actually reading the bill, that these landmines are not there, and they’re typically right about these things. For now I’m gonna trust them … Continue reading

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The primary difference between neurotypical and Asperger’s, part 2

Your daily spergout, taken more or less directly from the Discord. Part 1 is here. The reason autistes and neurotypicals get along like oil and water is that neurotypicals engage in controlled social conflict frequently, whereas autistic people engage in … Continue reading

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If Trump signs/vetoes the spending bill…

If he vetoes it, flood social media with support for building the Wall. Trump is the sort of guy who makes decisions based on market research data, so if he feels that’s the way to get reelected it’s exactly what … Continue reading

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