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Two down

I got the internship I wanted, so that’s two goals down this year. For lack of retrospective on this one I will now talk about kung fu until I run out of steam. I was wondering recently why, considering that … Continue reading

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More boring-ass, derivative Christian explanifying that may actually edify and/or age well

To what degree does God wish for us to be co-creators as opposed to shepherds of his domain? Speaking as your personal adviser on Christian matters, the orthodox answer is that “co-creation” is a New Age heresy: “In the [New … Continue reading

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More derivative, boring-ass political opinionating that won’t edify anyone or age well

Gotta start off the blog reboot strong. A filthy normie posts this video… …and asks: Funny. But probably not to you guys. Quite a few DW inside jokes. Interested in your thoughts on the “build our own” strategy in combating … Continue reading

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Kenpost re: Dune

The Atreides as owls and worms as serpents (i.e. denizens of primordial chaos, i.e. precognitive society) suggest that comsumption of the spice (generated from the worms) opens inroads to the subconsciousness and the overall story as owls conquering methods of … Continue reading

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Easiest way to memorize the Apostles’ Creed

I don’t want to damn with faint praise, because the contemporary Christian music scene from the 80s and 90s deserved a lot of the criticism it got. For example, I consider Amy Grant a harbinger of the nominally Christian proto-thots … Continue reading

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Why bad thing haben (re: hiddenness)

I left off the question of God’s hiddenness last time by drawing a dependency between that question and this one: “If God and imperfection can’t be in proximity, why does God’s creation have imperfections in it?” Arminians (of whom gotquestions … Continue reading

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Re: Medusa article

Collected reactions to First thought: Tell me you’re Nick Mason without telling me you’re Nick Mason. When I read “protected by terrible magic” I actually heard him in my head reading that to me in the storyteller voice he … Continue reading

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Head girls, speed vs. caliber, reductionism, all this and more presented to you the reader in the form of meandering nonsense

[Note: It may be slow around here for the next week or so.] By the way, I’ve figured out our disconnect re the speed/caliber distinctionI was thinking about how intelelcts might diverge past a certain level of shared capabilitywhereas your … Continue reading

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Slightly elaborated definition of moral courage

“Capacity or tendency to apply moral effort (Kmac) to overcome stress in the pursuit of moral foundations (Haidt).” Mathematically: Moral courage = Virtue * Stress. So if we also say Vice = 1 / Virtue, we also have Moral Courage … Continue reading

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Quick note for the adults in the room: Make your goals for the next couple of years about 30% less ambitious

I just had a great conversation about the difficulty of getting constructive 3rd-party feedback when you’re the only adult for a thousand miles in every direction. Imagine you’re the teenage king and you can cut off the heads of the … Continue reading

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