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Free trade causes higher personal debt

Contradicting Vox: There is certainly a correlation between increasingly free trade and private debt, but I doubt the relationship is a causal one. For one thing, the decline in private debt which began in 2008 was neither caused nor echoed … Continue reading

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Many-armed trope is a denisovan identifier in fiction

This ties in with Kensuimo’s weird Chinese tonic function theories. As I understand it (not very well), he says that melons have overactive 2nd fire meridians which have to do with reaching and grasping motions and the concomitant psychology of … Continue reading

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Malthus was half-right

Steve Sailer’s been going hard on the Africaust which is coming later this century, which will herald the largest mass extinction in the known history of our species. Over at, a demographer points out that all my scary graphs … Continue reading

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Women and shoes

Back in the day I thought it was really insightful to notice that clothes are how people signal their group affiliations, like wearing a patchwork uniform. “See, I’m part of the great workers’ revolution because I have ripped jeans, but … Continue reading

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Possible crash coming in the US auto industry

In Vox’s most recent Brainstorm with Steve Keen, “Can we avoid another financial crisis?” I asked the following off-topic question: In the US auto industry we are seeing an extraordinary ramp up in production demand and manufacturing capital investment at … Continue reading

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Why women want to have sex with fabulous gay men

It took me a while to figure this one out. But consider: 1) Homosexuals are sexual defectors from the tribal male alliance to do violence for the protection of the tribe’s women and children. (What would they have to gain?) … Continue reading

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Army moral demographics, and Skype office hours

Post copy/pasted from a Skype friend who has first-hand knowledge of this. Guest poster: “I’ve met some incredibly good people here. I’m grateful for them. Like a gay guy who hates gays. I think his master plan would be to … Continue reading

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