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Goal visualization prompts

For some reason it’s hard to find a good list like this by Googling. The structure of this process comes from Brian Tracy and assumes you already have a written SMART goal that is personally meaningful to you. The main … Continue reading

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Re: staffing in the modern day

I’m at my parents’ very rural place with no internet for a couple more weeks, so things are going to stay slow around here for a bit. From Boneman: Via Mangan Twitter:“Friend has osteoarthritis in the foot, painful, went to … Continue reading

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You gotta stay current homie

From normie chat: This is why you gotta stay current. That latino thought immigrants were our strength. Wrong. That was 2019 Trump days. Blacks are our strength now, latinos are fish food. “I can’t breathe.” Nobody cares homie. The media … Continue reading

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Pickup lines that actually work for me

I had two good interactions with girls. Full disclosure: this was in Tennessee, and girls generally respond much better to me in the South. One was a bartender. I asked about her ethnic background because she was a dead ringer … Continue reading

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Ken convo re: starchildren, etc.

salutations Good day sir. it’s been a whileReading latest owl convoGen Z hypernormalization toughness smacks of Kafka Absolutely.Not that I’ve read Kafka. Starchild But I did reference him in an astute Final Fantasy anime analysis. They canonically expect absurdism in … Continue reading

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Need a term for something

What’s it called when you replace access to something important with the fraudulent appearance of access to it, for the specific malicious purpose of denying people you hate access to that thing? Examples: tech support call centers, kayfabe politics, industrialized … Continue reading

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“Every upper class girl LARPs as Princess Mononoke”, TMNT meme as stand-alone complex, and related essays

Slight dox at the beginning, but it leads into a very interesting conversation without good transition points so it’s worth it. Hang on, I have to go BUY AND SELL DRUGS for a second. Ah, duty calls All right, done … Continue reading

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Lineage comparisons as aristocratic trust-building exercise

An observation from working with upper middle class people lately for [doxxy work stuff]: There’s an interesting ritual whenever high-end [work dox] people talk to each other where they list off the people they know and have worked with over … Continue reading

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Conservatives Rise Up

Once, during a time of great moral trepidation and tribulation for the middle and upper middle classes, which is to say a period of difficulty in making enough money to feel righteous, conservatives decided they had had enough. A great … Continue reading

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The Girardian “sacred king” as behelit

This article is an excellent summary and I recommend it in its entirety. But the part that stuck out to me was how the major themes of Berserk could be interpreted as Girardian. Thiel’s support for Trump’s populist authoritarianism, which … Continue reading

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