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Some commentary on Coon

From the summary and conclusions of chapter 2 in Carleton Coon’s The Races of Europe. Although the Pleistocene men are long dead, and factory workers scurry to their labors where the Magdalenian hunters once impounded reindeer, the problems of human … Continue reading

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Updated melonhead origin theory

No office hours until September 11, then I’ll be back on 7-8 PM every day…eh, most days. If you have a time set up already, remind me and I’ll make it happen somehow. Prerequisite reading: 1, 2. Nottuh’s contention is … Continue reading

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Daily dose of associative horizon

Lucifer was the brightest star in the heavens, and is also called “the morning star” in the Bible. The internet says this refers to Venus. I don’t buy it. I think it’s referring to Sirius. The heliacal rising (/hɪˈlaɪəkəl/, hi-LY-ə-kəl)[1] … Continue reading

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Ur-melonhead spotted in the wild

This image pops up for a brief moment at 27:14 in the documentary Tex linked today. If I’d blinked, I would have missed it. Check out the cranium on that dude on the right. It’s difficult to see from this … Continue reading

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Why narcissism leads to globalism

In my post summarizing the motive forces behind globalism, I said: The essence of globalism is the desire to reduce the complexity of human populations by removing the barriers between them and distinctions among them. There are several reasons a … Continue reading

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Phenomena related to altruism

I feel that altruism ought to get a proper game theory treatment, similar to cooperation in the Prisoner’s Dilemma. This post will detail some of the peripheral ideas, in the hopes of teasing out the underlying factors. Disorganized rambling follows. … Continue reading

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Succor for invaders is not altruism

Understanding how this follows from the definition will require some knowledge and some autistic analysis. glosoli raised this point for me with his comment on the previous post: It is very hard to love one’s neighbour I have realised. How … Continue reading

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On altruism

I often complain that people don’t understand altruism. So I might as well clarify what it actually is. There are three necessary elements: 1. Significant personal cost to the altruist 2. Correct diagnosis of the recipient’s real needs 3. Significant … Continue reading

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Happy metal (shitpost)

Interested parties are trying to get me to listen to more upbeat music. This is a compromise. Happy technical death metal: Happy metalcore: Happy instrumental: Happy punk: Happy hair metal: Happy metal(ish) pop for the womenfolk: I’ll add more as … Continue reading

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Frame, mindset, and charisma

Something big occurred to me during Fight Failure’s discussion of The One Thing by whatsisname, and it gelled with some other stuff I’ve been thinking about lately. Unfortunately it hasn’t solidified yet and this is going to be one of … Continue reading

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