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On altruism

I often complain that people don’t understand altruism. So I might as well clarify what it actually is. There are three necessary elements: 1. Significant personal cost to the altruist 2. Correct diagnosis of the recipient’s real needs 3. Significant … Continue reading

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Happy metal (shitpost)

Interested parties are trying to get me to listen to more upbeat music. This is a compromise. Happy technical death metal: Happy metalcore: Happy instrumental: Happy punk: Happy hair metal: Happy metal(ish) pop for the womenfolk: I’ll add more as … Continue reading

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Frame, mindset, and charisma

Something big occurred to me during Fight Failure’s discussion of The One Thing by whatsisname, and it gelled with some other stuff I’ve been thinking about lately. Unfortunately it hasn’t solidified yet and this is going to be one of … Continue reading

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Globalism 101

The essence of globalism is the desire to reduce the complexity of human populations by removing the barriers between them and distinctions among them. There are several reasons a person might desire this, but the most common is extreme narcissism. … Continue reading

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At the crossroads of heaven and earth

Regarding self-sacrifice, here is the reasoning. I am perfectly selfish. A selfish man only cares about satisfying his own needs. I need meaning and purpose. It is meaningless to live only for myself. Therefore I must live for something other … Continue reading

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I disavow

The Alt-West has shown its colors. There’s nothing I hate more than Nazi LARPers except communists…and cultural Christians. I’m not one to purity spiral, so just put me on order for a full set of Hugo Boss, size Large. It’s … Continue reading

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Price entropy

The first thing I learned in the corporate world is that only mom and pop shops pay list price for anything. Large businesses prefer other large customers and suppliers with predictable, long-term contracts. Two laws of corporate spending This is … Continue reading

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