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Contraction extraction

I have an unfortunate personality trait where I become more and more solipsistic under stress, so that it doesn’t occur to me to solve problems or ask for help. This leads to situations that seem pretty silly in retrospect. For … Continue reading

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Co-ethnic celebrity worship explained as Edenic political science

Some expert-level noticing by Steve Sailer in this Taki’s Magazine column. The celebrity battles of the 21st century tend to be fought most fanatically by foot-soldier fans who assume that they will in some way benefit from their idol’s triumph. … Continue reading

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Phrenology for three stages of life trajectory

This idea is stolen from Chinese phrenology with minor variations, except I think they have the order backwards. I expect that the upper face predicts character traits that predict performance in later life and the lower face predicts character traits … Continue reading

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The clown in the mirror of your dreams

I alluded to this idea briefly in yesterday’s weird-ass woo post, but I’d like to expand it a bit. The archetypal trickster is the id, the unreflective watcher, the primate within who acts and judges with an animal cunning so … Continue reading

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I am the turtle

The mythical turtle is dream logic for the occipital bun inherited from neanderthals, and the green man is his uncritical servant. He floats in the border of the bicameral mind, half conscious of the abstract air above and half dreaming … Continue reading

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Affirmations for autistes

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit, because affirmations undeniably have real effects. But aspies recoil from the idea because purposeful self-deception is out of the question, regardless of whether it’s effective or a force for good or evil. … Continue reading

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First draft of mathematical edenism, part 2

If we introduce a third population, z (neanderthals), which both creates cultural capital and interacts with the other two populations, it’s going to get tricky very quickly. I’m going to try to make it up as I go and then … Continue reading

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