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Moral priorities and tradeoffs in a society

This is a visual representation of the model I was asserting a couple days ago regarding the market demand for increased surveillance in a simultaneously immoral and irresponsible society. Here are some starter data points: (x, y, z) = (Justice, … Continue reading

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The lesson from Trump mania

The truth of human nature is, humans will not follow claims of relative authority, only claims of absolute authority. This is another sin by which evil comes into the world. Unless a leader shows absolute certainty in his own righteousness, … Continue reading

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Justice, privacy, and immorality

Turns out posting Discord screenshots is way easier than writing. We’re about to explore new depths in shitposting around here.

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The thal must repent

Here’s the ethical question I mentioned.

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Some lifehacks

If you work out at home you can play video games in between sets. If you have trouble with racing thoughts as you’re going to sleep at night, listen to an audiobook. The effort of paying attention will turn off … Continue reading

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Behavior-identity rankings for sexual perversions

I recently theorized that homosexuality has two components: an addictive behavioral spiral and a pathological self-concept. I’d like to expand this to all types of fixations and introduce the beginning of a scale for expressing “how much” of each component … Continue reading

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Categorical gerrymandering

This is when you chain correlations of correlations, like a categorical syllogism, to draw a statistical conclusion. For example: Height is correlated with IQ. Men are taller than women. Men have higher average IQs than women. The conclusion may or … Continue reading

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Theoretical treatment for homosexuality, etc.

Homosexuality, and related sexual fetishes like gender dysphoria, appears quite clearly to me to have two components: 1. An addictive behavioral cycle which reinforces itself in a positive feedback loop. This component is extremely similar to the abuse of substances … Continue reading

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A very important shitpost

Regarding ASS movements, we will have to get around to discussing the paradox of NW European genius and low ethnocentrism. The basic idea, according to Dutton, is that NW Euros adopted a strategy of high trust, high individual genetic variance, … Continue reading

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The neanderthal supremacy theory of melonhead origins

An alternative theory for melonheads that’s floating around out there is that melonheads are merely the gracilized modern form of neanderthal-sapiens hybrids, probably arising from the Amud strain. This theory has a couple of strong points in its favor. The … Continue reading

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