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Maybe do this later?

See you Saturday

Todaypost was lamepost. For that and other reasons, I’m gonna take the week off from blogging. Advertisements

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Reactions to stupidity

How do you react to stupidity? Do you get sad? Angry? Disgusted? Humorous? Giddy? Because g is generally interchangeable with IQ, we can use low intelligence as a stand-in for weakness. So your reaction to stupidity generally signals whether you’re … Continue reading

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The Heroine’s Journey in Mulan

The Heroine’s Journey shall be defined as a girl’s quest to be the first to invade a male space, and thereby secure a much higher value husband than her SMV would normally allow. The movie begins by showing us that … Continue reading

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Field report

Now’s I have enough money to support myself, I’m starting to look for an IRL waifu for to engage in 3-D degeneracy and pop out some niglets. To this end, I tapped my massive GENIUS and manosphere background to set … Continue reading

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Wood hanging – for those of you who worry

My brother and I made this. It’s four feet by three feet and looks even better in person. I’ve been wrestling with the question of whether to virtue signal more as a way of expressing that this blog isn’t the … Continue reading

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Alt-Right cosmology and the Ocarina of Time

Everything you need to know about what low-church Alt-Rightists believe is contained in the video game Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To spare myself a bit of time, I’ll be explaining them both in one breath. It pains me somewhat to … Continue reading

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Abstract insightfulness

More Aeolitalk. One of these days I ought to update that page. I’ve decided to redefine abstract intuition as “knowing something without knowing how or why you know it, at a level of intellectual abstraction where this knowing can’t be … Continue reading

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