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Inflammation, depression, vitamin D, iodine, water filters, etc.

Audio quality is listenable on this one.

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Wherein God endorses the means

Koanic has gone ahead and declared me a heretic, which isn’t very nice. I don’t see him making that criticism of Jim when he talks about following “the will of Gnon”. But it’s also to be expected. Jehu didn’t lie. … Continue reading

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Jehu lies to Ahab’s priests

I’m doubtful that any more of the holy rollers will be convinced by piling up a list of examples of men of God lying to their enemies, so collecting these merely serves to shame them. I’d like the rest of … Continue reading

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On euphoria as a truth indicator

A reader e-mailed me saying that he’s been going to church and enjoying the euphoric experiences of worship, and wants to know whether this is sufficient to be baptized and self-identify as a Christian. The church he’s attending encourages him … Continue reading

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The problem with the proposition of Betas going on strike

The most common response of Betas who first encounter the idea of Beta male identity politics is to withdraw support from the social structure which abandoned them. As a sentiment, this makes sense–choosing the altruistic option in a relationship where … Continue reading

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The general aesthetic of music

Music is analogous to communication by radio waves. Everybody’s antenna is a little different and picks up different signals, but the comfort we derive from music comes from the knowledge that connection with people having similar feelings (i.e. tuned to … Continue reading

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What I did all weekend

I’ve been black pilling a bit more than I like lately, and retreating into musical creativity is a good treatment for that sort of thing. But shitposting is the way of the nobilid and the people must have their content, … Continue reading

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How to become a billionaire (graduate-level melon magickkk)

Another podcast, the best content and worst audio quality so far! (MM annotated a lot of my stuff so you can actually understand it, his side comes through fine.) The bit I’m teasing in the title is the last five … Continue reading

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Hexaco results

I was organizing some stuff and came across the scores from my Hexaco personality inventory. Traits where I’m higher than average are bolded, traits where I’m unusually high (>90%) are bold and green, and traits where I’m unusually low (<10%) … Continue reading

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I don’t have any content today, so go get your white pill on instead. Between the explicit Israeli support for The Wall and the sounds of an approaching Storm, I’m feeling a little teeny bit of hope. Not a lot, … Continue reading

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