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Rhetoric depends on insecurities (and misc.)

Rhetoric only works when it plays on people’s emotional insecurities. For instance, a griefer in one of Vox’s Periscopes said “Stop acting like you’ve read more than ten books”. The author of that rhetoric was assuming this would play on … Continue reading

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Thoughts regarding face-blindness in Asperger’s

I used to be a very poor face reader, perhaps somewhere in the bottom decile. I am now approximately one standard deviation above average, and this is probably due to (in the following order) 1. practice reading faces according to … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the future, regarding Trump

I was wrong when I called Trump a fraud. I was also wrong to estimate his IQ as approximately 125 with a verbal tilt, which took me a lot longer to admit to myself. He’s probably a psychopathic narcissist though, … Continue reading

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Why pagans insist God is female

Vox put up a great post this week about how feminist theologians have BTFOed Christian apologists for decades. That’s the “what” portion, my post will explain the “why”. In Zodiacism (antediluvian Paganism) there’s an eternal Manichaean dialectic between Order and … Continue reading

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Review of “Big Boys Don’t Cry”: Edifying

From Amazon: BIG BOYS DON’T CRY is a novella by LTC Tom Kratman, U.S. Army (Ret.), known for A DESERT CALLED PEACE and his Carrera series. The story follows the life cycle of a Ratha, a sentient future supertank that … Continue reading

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The transition into the new job is going well so far. It helps to have the systems I’ve built for thinking about such things. Particularly, I’ve made excellent use of free energy from transitions. I’ll possibly get around to describing … Continue reading

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Naive success prediction index

Here are the factors that appear to have the strongest impacts on whether a person can get the things they desire. (NB: Not the same as happiness, which is getting what you need.) Health Lack of chronic illness Genetics Nutrition, … Continue reading

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