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A better English prefix for the internet

We need one because the existing prefixes are stupid: e-, i-, cyber-, info-, techno- and net-. The prefix has to be short and inoffensive to the ears, while forming words that aren’t retarded. It would be nice if it followed … Continue reading

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Vidya garmes!

I started taking life a little too seriously for a moment there. Oughta be a pill. Anyway, I decided to stall on the previous project until I could do another project that’s been on the back burner: PlayStation emulation. Took … Continue reading

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More masochism

Gonna get back on the Linux bandwagon. X-P I had the idea because I’ve been spending a lot of time with the Sage math software. I think all the stuff I actually use this computer for would actually be a … Continue reading

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n choose k

This draft is a month old and I don’t remember where I was going with it. Good thing I have low standards. I’ve been working my way through a discrete math course that I found at my library on DVD. … Continue reading

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Good question

Isn’t this what happens in the early stages of a relationship? A smart man will display his character flaws in small doses so as not to scare a girl off. As the investment of both parties increases, those little surprises … Continue reading

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This guy is a plant

I can’t be the only person who’s noticed it. On his second yearlong deployment to Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis traveled 9,000 miles, patrolled with American troops in eight provinces and returned in October of last year with a … Continue reading

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Clothing is group identification

Aside from keeping warm, the function of clothing is to identify the cliques to which a person belongs. First, an analogy. Another proud, marginalized subset of society is metalheads. They wear the same clothes so often that a black T-shirt … Continue reading

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Anthronomics principle #1

Habit is the strongest agent in men’s interactions with the world and each other. Just as an object continues in motion unless acted upon by a force, so does a man continue in his way. Example application: If you want … Continue reading

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A social halfwit over at Alpha Game is giving me trouble. Calls herself Stickwick. Hopefully I won’t have to punish her, because that would be a waste of good time. But you gotta punish indecent behavior or you’ll get more … Continue reading

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The omega worship song

I close my eyes for a secondAnd meet a fragile soulI scream to hide that I’m lonelyThe echo calls my name In Flames“Take This Life” Some of the most inspired, prayerful songs come from unexpected places. I think Churchians do … Continue reading

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