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Evidence for manbonobopig theory of melonheads – 100 kya behavioral revolution coincides with genetic divergence

Longest title so far on da blergh! My mom says she’s very proud of my poasting career. Manbonobopig theory is how I jokingly refer to one of Koanic’s last major blog posts, where he explained macroevolution of species through miscegenation/bestiality … Continue reading

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Meme discussion Saturday, then a break (caption contest)

This Saturday I want us to brainstorm some ideas for memes which would satirize the pillars of modern churchianity: gnosticism, antinatalism, feminism, etc. I want us to trawl for pictures we could use, do some caption contests, and get all … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts on training discernment

Discernment is the ability to perceive the animating spirit of a thing, which motivates either belief or behavior or both, and distinguish this spirit from minor influences which are merely associated with the thing or exacerbating it. This means the … Continue reading

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Hypothetical 2 – Would you physically protect a church following 80% of the Law?

We’ll presume this demographic judgment is correct and do another hypothetical scenario: I’m sure 95%+ of church attendees believe in Jesus and His resurrection. But of those 95%+ I’d say 99.7% act contrary to Jesus’ own teachings, and 100% act … Continue reading

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Hypothetical – would you physically protect a flawed church from an active shooter?

Inspired by a scene from the novel Victoria. I will present you with a moral dilemma, and I want you to decide what you would do, why, and describe the moral factors and tactical considerations involved in your judgment. The … Continue reading

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Spinning plates – a cure for shy bladder?

I’ve mostly moved away from the esoteric psychological observations that are my stock in trade, when I’m not off on some kind of crusade, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder out loud about something. I’ve had shy bladder for … Continue reading

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Discord sprint this Saturday

Same time, same channel, same rules. Remember, I can’t trust anyone’s opinion on changing the world for the better unless they are committed to changing themselves for the better. Post the constructive thing you’ll be doing in the comments for … Continue reading

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As I drive these broken roads

Modern America gets compared to the declining Roman empire a lot. But the difference between Rome and Detroit is…the Roman roads are still in pretty good shape. *da dum tish* The rain we’ve gotten in the last couple of days … Continue reading

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Conservative Crisis Response Flowchart

Click through for larger version.

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The West is dead, and God has killed it

Sexual degeneracy follows necessarily from individualism because the mythos of individualism requires an ethos of mutual tolerance to exist. Morality, as a concept, is restricted to relationships between people. In the absence of God there is no transcendent moral law, … Continue reading

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