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Discord discussion re: Christian pacifism

In retrospect I’d modify the statement that “all” situations can be traced to decisions we made previously, and the statement that “violence against innocents is out in both testaments” needs some qualifications and unpacking. But otherwise, this was pretty good … Continue reading

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Cernovich re: Epstein

Another guestpost from MM, because I apparently can’t be bothered to write my own posts anymore. TLDR: -The idea that Cernovich was the one who has caused this second look at Epstein is total horse shit. His suit was paired … Continue reading

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Resources re: the evolution of power and class

I think it’s easiest to think about the formation of occasional non-Jewish mafias if we propose a personality trait for extended kin selection measured by a “mafia quotient” MQ. That is, the personal tendency to engage in mafia formation. Then … Continue reading

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Adam Green and Titus Frost re: Epstein case

It’s been shocking to see this stuff hit normie news when ignoring it and dismissing rumors as conspiracy theories was still a viable option. The headline is a bit sensational re: Cernovich but he does need to cut ties with … Continue reading

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Brian Tracy “future of freedom” video boildown

Guestpost from MM. A note on the meta: BT is a striver free-market type and does not seem aware of many of the systemic problems (the typical Boomer problem). Still, he is very smart and fully gets the “free money … Continue reading

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On the insufficiency of scarcity to produce counter-elites

Regarding poverty and revolutions, my view begins with the model proposed by William Sidis in his Remark on the Occurrence of Revolutions. This suggests the idea that revolutions and revolts in general (a revolt being a revolution that has not … Continue reading

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Snake melons, central conceits, and archetype spiraling part 2

Snake melons are a phenotype (and possibly a viable race) whose human ecological niche is the priesthood, in whatever form that takes. In the 19th and 20th centuries, for example, the ideological priesthood took the form of politicians and corporate … Continue reading

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