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White pill

Now that everybody’s black pilling, I feel comfortable dropping some white pills. Maybe I’m just contrarian. Here’s the important one for Americans. Some optimism: We’re facing a genetic bottleneck. There will be a lot of losers. But there will be … Continue reading

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Beginning theory of general socializing

If nerds can industrialize Game in a single generation, then they can industrialize Frame in a practical amount of time. That’s what I’m gonna call the general theory of which Game must be a subtheory: “Frame”. The verb follows the … Continue reading

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On Fullmetal Alchemist

Please be aware, there are two versions of this show—Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The former was better, IMO, but it was created while the comic was still being written and diverges from the original artist’s plot. Put on … Continue reading

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Possible eschatology

This is probably heretical in some way. Just letting you know it’s extremely speculative. I’m having the thought lately that much of the Revelation of John is not a “prophecy” in the sense that we understand the term, but rather … Continue reading

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Math is fun

A couple of commenters are saying the only thing that matters is international trade deficits. This is true if you’re taking the perspective of a plutocrat whose geopolitical opinions matter. Here’s a great exercise for the rest of us: Divide … Continue reading

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The linchpin of the Matrix

The January 1946 issue of American Affairs carried an article written by Beardsley Ruml who, at that time, was Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Ruml had devised the system of automatic withholding during World War II, … Continue reading

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Triple shitpost – Books that encapsulate civilizations

Three shitposts for the price of zero. Quadruple your satisfaction or half your money back! Greeks – The Illiad Romans – The Aeneid, Virgil Byzantines – ??? Ottomans – The Quran Catholics – Divine Comedy Protestants – Paradise Lost (probably, … Continue reading

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More shitpost – Watchmen

Adrian Veidt – MM, Archaic Pharaoh variant (note black freighter dream sequence) Dr. Manhattan – TT, Cave Bear variant (note origin story) Rorschach – MT The Comedian – TM Nobody else was particularly interesting.

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Shitpost: Novels expressing the mindsets of various edenic types

TT, Amud variant – Awake in the Night Land, John C. Wright TT, Mousterian variant – The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Robert Heinlein TT, Archaic variant – Anything by Robert Howard TT, CBS variant* – Cycle of Arawn?, Edward … Continue reading

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Catching up

Sorry if I’ve blown you off recently or you’re waiting for a reply on something. Low energy is a killer. Please send me a reminder if I’m forgetting something, it’s not rude because I know I’m extremely forgetful.

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