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Two attitudes toward the range and strength of taboos

I’ll use transubstantiation as the example. Conservative theologians will write entire books full of big theological words about why it’s a profound mystery that we can’t talk about directly. Liberal theologians will write short op-ed books saying it’s not a … Continue reading

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Owl convo re: the alternate reality game

instant action without time for thought, and you only process what happened lateri feel this quite strongly when it happens to me, since i am, in full truth, a dirty, horrible man of thoughtperhaps why i like amrtial arts, i … Continue reading

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Owl convo re: Bismarck

skimming through your blog, i have an interesting conncetion to makeyou mention the idea that human capital is constant and systems can create perfect outcomes Right, the idea is “people are what they are”.Which is true enough for practical purposes … Continue reading

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The feeling of intimacy in level design

I’m not much of a gamer so I don’t get much into video game aesthetics, but the danger of remaking FF7 is you’re going to invoke the ire of fanboys. And despite some amazing feats of translation from the art … Continue reading

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Re: Efficient production of Neanderthal birch tar

“An engineer is able to build a high-quality product using off-the-shelf components and integrating them under time and budget constraints. The engineer is often faced with ill-defined problems and partial solutions, and has to rely on empirical methods to evaluate … Continue reading

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Western institutional absolutism re: the right process will produce the right people

I’ve been skimming over the Columbia Accident Investigation Board’s report for school and what struck me is that in every report of this sort, the quality of people is always considered 100% a constant, unchanging property of the universe. In … Continue reading

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Owl convo re: vax as counter-insurrection dry run, broad 2022 prediction, etc.

Shit, I’m sorry.I went for a run and when I got back completely forgot it was a Saturday. lolno worriesi think there’s alot of that going around. I know many people who feel that time has been weird this year … Continue reading

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All you need to know about the Dave Chappelle thing

There’s a zero percent chance the space Jews joke slipped past the editorial board without being escalated to upper management, for lack of a better term. I’m not saying a small chance, like maybe all ten of the editorial reviewers … Continue reading

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Example video re: first thoughts on a mechanical language

I assume videos like this were more common back when people didn’t think mechanical knowledge was the province of earthy shamans and pure-bred Nordic instincts. It’s actually just inputs and outputs that can be explained in a linear, logical fashion. … Continue reading

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Thinking out loud

My brother and his wife had their first kid yesterday, and everything about it was idyllic. She was born perfectly healthy just a day before they were scheduled to induce and after only 24 minutes of pushing. Then she had … Continue reading

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