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Behelit myth

Everybody seemed to like my previous mythical whargarble. Here’s more! This is a short period in a melon’s life where the halfway-empathic adolescent wunderkind turns inward somehow, like a caterpillar in a chrysalis, and emerges transformed into a ruthless god-king … Continue reading

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Mathematicians are a bunch of neurotics

Why did this happen? A plausible answer follows. First, neurotics are more likely to prefer math classes because they are terrified of being wrong. This is partly disposition and, I think, partly imprinting (maybe a response to lots of negative … Continue reading

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Risk factors for lateral thinking

0) Routine: practice, practice, practice 1) Low pulse 2) High body temperature 3) Wakefulness (good sleep, caffeine) 4) Boredom Edit: 5) Social isolation (when talking feels pointless and crazy) 6) Darkness, general pupil dilation Massive lateral thinking is the crazy … Continue reading

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I take that back, maybe I do have something to talk about today. A couple of people know this already, but I’ve decided to finish a bachelor’s degree. Turns out that if I change to a math major, physics minor, … Continue reading

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Bellyaching and a weird tangent

A bunch of ranting I done did before crawling back into my hole under the big rock, wherein I await the next door-to-door holocaust. It’s the big rock in Montana, third from the left, you can’t miss it. Can’t be … Continue reading

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Question for Cartesians

I have tended to include myself in that bunch but this question is driving me to consider vitalism instead. Nagging questions like this are what usually change my mind. Here it is: “Why are the highest, most rational faculties of … Continue reading

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Disney layoffs explained

Turns out to be even simpler than the usual story with the usual suspects, i.e. people up top sacrificing the company’s future for short-term profits and a golden parachute. That’s how it looks at first, but I’ve got another piece … Continue reading

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AC brilliantly illustrates the logic of the r-selected mind

Peter Singer: If a House Were On Fire I’d Save 200 Pigs Before Saving One Human Child Think about that as a reproductive strategy. Everyone, yourself included, is mating as fast as possible with as many people as possible, and … Continue reading

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Apparently I’m terrible at blogging now

So here’s a comment from a VP thread instead of something original. Another reason science is a poor guide is that, done properly, it takes too long. We are in a very strange moment in time where everything is changing … Continue reading

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Cro magnon origin myth – eternal high school

I believe they weren’t merely engineered, but were also subjected to many years of harsh breeding and training for aggression and other specific traits, like attack dogs, in camps somewhat reminiscent of boot camp. I believe this shows up in … Continue reading

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