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Definition of Boomerism

Boomerism: “A conceited refusal to accommodate one’s worldview to new information.” (“Accommodate” is used in the Piagetian sense here.) E.g. A Boomer’s worldview is stuck in 1969. Vox’s worldview and writing have not changed since January 2017. A person without … Continue reading

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The future has seen us, and we’re beautiful

Here are the two links from the top of this little rant:

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The need to distinguish charity and subsidy

This is an adaptation of a Discord discussion in response to this tweet: What you subsidize, you get more of. Most charity is for this reason deeply misguided. If you give money to beggars, then the number of beggars shall … Continue reading

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Modern leftism as esoteric Hitlerism

iSteve post referenced is here:

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On feminism

Since the fall of man, women have been entirely dependent on male validation for their mental health. “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” Girls who don’t get loving attention from a strong father … Continue reading

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Designed for joy: European spiritual physiognomy

Gustav and have been discussing the animus Jews have been acting out toward Europeans with the purpose of asking God to intercede. We decided that a big part of the problem is that white people have a pathological self-concept from … Continue reading

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The normies are restless (countdown to next mass shooter)

I haven’t been tracking this, but MM assures me that this summarizes the common sentiment (H/T Vox): Me before Epstein’s death: Conspiracy theories are facile misdirections favored by people who crave simplistic explanations to soothe their own feelings of powerlessness. … Continue reading

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