Designed for joy: European spiritual physiognomy

Gustav and have been discussing the animus Jews have been acting out toward Europeans with the purpose of asking God to intercede. We decided that a big part of the problem is that white people have a pathological self-concept from losing their raison d’etre in secular nihilism. To understand this problem, it’s necessary to determine what a healthy European spirit looks like. That is, what purpose exactly did God have in mind when he created white people, based on what we can observe about them? We concluded that God created white people specifically to be artists, to experience and express joy profoundly, embodying the paradoxical relationship between childlike, lighthearted whimsy and profound depths of understanding and feeling.

In its healthy form, Europe embodies Aslan in his aspect as the creator, singing Narnia into existence. Our greatest spiritual heights are characterized by magnificent cathedrals resounding with soaring heights of choral fervor, improbable acts of worship expressing an appreciation for God that, in my opinion, correctly strikes other races as a bit unhinged. In fact, I’d make the case that white people will always be a bit crazy one way or another, either good crazy or bad crazy, because our niche is in artistic genius and “there was never a genius without a tincture of madness”. Edward Dutton’s explanation for the low ethnocentrism observed in NW Europeans is that we’ve evolved specifically to get the most mileage possible out of our geniuses. Hence, we tend to nonmaterialism, religious fixations, and a schizotypal individualism that somehow acts as a de facto tolerance and altruism.

In contrast, you can imagine modern Europe to be a talking lion that’s pretending to be a cub, a willful immaturity that is dangerously unpredictable to any living thing nearby that might provoke the neurotic beast. One gets the sense it’s scared or ignorant of its own potential–upon using its natural adult strength it would jump with surprise. If it weren’t fucked in the head it could be a decent, Aslan-like, king-of-the-jungle kind of lion. Where before you had craftsmen building cathedrals for hundreds of years in a long, controlled release of religious ecstasy, you now have Marxist ideologues sacrificing one hundred million unborn children for a vision of the future utopia they will never witness.

The key to a European revival movement then must be a call to joy, a return to our duty to appreciation in the artistic sense and accommodation in the psychological sense. Our souls crave the experience of understanding the meaning of something and feeling the sensory impact of it at the same time. It’s our calling to worship God in his capacity as creator in response to this sort of inspiration with a complexity, harmony, and sheer magnitude that are enabled by our particular nature. We think this is why the lion perversely wants to pretend it’s a cub. Children are much better at these things and an adult who’s lost the humility and security of being small and responsible for nothing in a big, mysterious world will fantasize about recovering this lost sense of pre-rational wonder.

The adult expression of this childish spirit is exemplified in the kings and queens of Narnia. They were pretty wild, like David, but sometimes burdened by situational responsibilities. The wildness was informed by artistic sensibilities, channeled into a love for country, and only post facto rationalizing that inspiration into justice. The European king, at least insofar as he’s the archetype of this ideal self-concept, would be a performance artist balancing mercy and justice. These aren’t concerns you can balance by critical thinking, though you can imagine Caspian justifying his decisions using Aristotelian logic. The artistic preference came first, like taste, and the accounting came afterward.

Will have to continue this line of thought tomorrow.

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8 Responses to Designed for joy: European spiritual physiognomy

  1. Obadiah says:

    Trey Parker was always the genius behind South Park. Matt Stone was just the guy with industry connections who could get the (((right people))) to see their weird little cartoon thing to make it into a TV show.

    Arabs are the real warriors of humanity; if the Arabs actually conquered Europe I feel they would withdraw, patiently allow us to regain our military strength, then resume fighting us. There’s no existential endgame for the Saracen’s aggression. He simply *enjoys fighting*.

    Semites in general seem to be here to keep whites sharp and on our toes. [/conjecture].

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Trey Parker was always the genius behind South Park. Matt Stone was just the guy with industry connections who could get the (((right people))) to see their weird little cartoon thing to make it into a TV show.

      Plausible. I’d want empirical support for the rest of what you said.

  2. bicebicebice says:

    dank and based

    the best way to lose your spirit if you are a whiteoid is to become tangled up in the old “you need to become a member of the community by watching the news and engage in politics”. sounds reasonable but when all of this comes from a small tribe of bignoses whose own interpretation of such thingamajings are global discord that quickly becomes a waste of time. todays kids will never know what it means to have even video games separated from politics, nothing they have is politics free, and the more you think you escaped that sort of thing, like being middle class white gay-marrying into a foreign culture committing genetic suicide, the more you get got/got get, as they say in amerikwa. modern entertainment all of it is 100% propaganda, 80/90s nerdgeek culture was basically white Chad blowing up aliens/russians/turkoarabs and gookmen, saving the girl. Because it need to be done, and nerdwhiteman built gadgets for Chad because he enjoyed his stature, allowed by such an arrangement.
    Todays such culture is basically the eggbert making a pact with the forces of evil to take a class-journey to rise above what standing god ordained for him, hence the evil marriage of foreign-eastern degeneracy, just like that CIA number on the summer of 69 with peace love and rock&roll.
    The good thing for white society is that thse people are expandable and do no serve an important work function such as being crucial for infrastructure or anything, these people believe they will equialize things, but inreality they made us lose 70 years of white culture, because they are pretty numerous. They have however peaked in numbers and their decline is our incline.

    The irony is that the poor white class is to poor to destroy themselves, and the rich whites have a healthy disdain of anything that is not them, also shared in common with the poor/lower class ( GO! Norf FC!)
    the whiteoid middle class are nothing but low class (misguided) upper-strivers and high class dropouts jacked up on loans resentment and satan, thinking they outsmarted the system.

    there is a big great irony in the weeb-narnia capital of tokyo becoming a groided shithole filled with negroids, mutts and middle class begpacking larpers. itz all so tiresome and symbolic of the destructiveness of whiteoids when they choose not to deal with their problems. they will terraform what they liked into Miseryland(™), kiss your fucking anime goodbye. Some brave gooks are already burning down the studios which is preferably to seeing it gayed and goyed by the whiteoid man. A commendable effort, just like that jap that sworded that communist politican with a katana.

    I agree with this poast 100%, but that change will only come when the middle class finally implodes itself, when the poor amish whites are too poor (but happy) to larp as globalisttrottingpsuedo-jews sticking their white left shit-mentality into other peoples and nations.

    “Designed for joy: European spiritual physiognomy” if that applied to the white middle class they would never have left the 1950s. If you are whiteoid and want a mentality post 2000 then you are crazy and will lose and die out.
    If there ever was a time when souls could actually die itz now.

    come home white man before it is too late

  3. glosoli says:

    >come home white man before it is too late

    It is too late now. We must call our nation to repent, and pray for God’s mercy.

    (Separately bice, my English teacher used to discourage us from using the verb ‘to get’ as lazy writing, but you used it four times IN A ROW, which is the opposite of lazy.

    • bicebicebice says:

      glosoli says:
      August 13, 2019 at 11:14 am

      I don’t think that the white middle class will be coming back from this one, the pride trend just suits them too much, they won’t leave it and they will join it willingly to beconsumed by it, poor whites can’t afford to destroy their surroundings and rich whites don’t want to (nice architecture nice fauna (high status) etc etc). itz all leads back to sapes and the bungabunga party. Nature don’t do half measures, you can be poor and humble or smarter and aquire more of the same and tinker about because your brain craves that stimuli, but still humble. A trend consuming class of humans must be considered an aberration, they are not humble nor grateful they don’t seem to be anchored to even Earth at this point.
      They also very strongly believe they have outsmarted the system at this point, which makes everything so much more bizarre, for a close bystander such as myself.

      I think itz correct to say that “edenic analysis” stems from dissident whiteoid middle class/upper middle class perspective, you can’t really save something that is bogus. That is the damning operative principle of this whole mess, itz not genuine.
      They have the freedom to go back to a time when everything worked, but they don’t want to. Imagine being friends with someone for 30 years seeing them start out as a normal child doing manly things, only to end up as a cock-less shemale raising his wifes boyfriends children doing current year culture “ironically” chugging down soy and crickets. This person will always berate you and smallest you because in his mind he is better than you and you are an idiot for not doing the same. In retrospect, you never shared one genuine human connection nor emotion, that is pretty damning.
      God has an effective way of saving such people, but if you are the only remaining righteous man in Dodge, every itz postponed. Better then to get a treestump in the country (h/t radicalϟed noel gallager), then to set up an underground complex in melborne. After all, you are still technically living at ground zero.

      TLDR: itz bad but for the first time in a long time people are finally honest. manbearbonobopigs,feral groids, sapes, ooga boogas those were your neighbours all along. These people radiate meaningless, probably more damning than evil itself. One could go on forever which makes it so tiresome. Manbearpig-theory holds a lot of water because these beings seem not be part of Realitys Ecosystem. Something is very fundamentally wrong here. Maybe they act like this because they are a passing race and know it?!? are they maladapted to life on earth or just life in general?!?

      “(Separately bice, my English teacher used to discourage us from using the verb ‘to get’ as lazy writing, but you used it four times IN A ROW, which is the opposite of lazy.” my spelling is becoming atrocious and formatting a text nonexistant, i’ll just have to settle for the other kind of performance writing, modern expression writing.

      • glosoli says:

        Guy I used to play golf with, head-teacher, typical libtard.

        I had just bought an electic golf trolley second-hand from a neighbour, fifty quid.

        When we played he commented on it, and I asked him how much his shiny new Powekaddy had cost. £600 was the reply, but he said ‘it’s the new version, lightweight, lithium battery blah blah’.

        I just said ‘yeah, but mine does the same job as yours for less than 10% of the price’.

        He had a pause and said ‘Yes, true’.

        It’s like he really believed the marketing and thought it was special, then realised he’d been had.

        All of which is an allegory (or something) for modern society.

        Everyone has been had, by the Supreme Liar-in-chief, Satan. He keeps close tabs on me, but I don’t mind, he’s a loser.

        PS, I beat the head-teacher in our scratch knockout this year, he was one up on the 18th tee, and hooked out-of-bounds, then doubled the 19th hole too, not a pressure athlete. Faith means no pressure in such matters. I am now going to read about Noel Gallagher’s tree stump.

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  5. Kenan Markovic says:

    I bet the Asians are the world’s scholars.

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