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In defense of idiomatic language and contradictory proverbs

Regarding wisdom and reason: one sharpens the other. However it must be understood that aphorisms came first (because antifragile), just as emotions precede logic. I used to think English is a bad language because it’s extremely idiomatic and therefore ambiguous. … Continue reading

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Companies can’t find workers and workers can’t find jobs; why both are true

You hear a lot of complaining nowadays about the economy. Some people say it’s great (a little bit of a slump, but overall things have never been better!), some people say it’s so unreasonably fucked that we’re going to see … Continue reading

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Don’t major in math

Here’s how prospective math majors (hardworking, naive idiots) usually look at it. I love math, especially in its pure and abstract forms. I would like to get a doctorate some day, but ideally I’d like to find a job as … Continue reading

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Less than ten actuary science job openings per state, per year

The job prospects for actuaries are supposed to be excellent. I really ought to have known better at this point in my life. Let’s have a look. The Occupational Outlook Handbook says: Number of Jobs, 2014: 24,600 Job Outlook, 2014-24: … Continue reading

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With apologies

Responding to a comment by eikos I don’t know. As I get older, I become more and more convinced that there really aren’t any choices between Christianity and the “way of the world”, i.e. slavery, caste, inquisitions, empire-building, endless wars, … Continue reading

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I feel like ass

That’s all I got for ya. Discuss.

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Symptoms of genius as chemical addiction

I referred to this in the previous post, but I figure it deserves to be highlighted. I changed a couple of the words, but you’d be surprised how few of them. IDENTIFYING GENIUS Creativity addiction typically starts off as recreational, … Continue reading

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