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In defense of idiomatic language and contradictory proverbs

Regarding wisdom and reason: one sharpens the other. However it must be understood that aphorisms came first (because antifragile), just as emotions precede logic. I used to think English is a bad language because it’s extremely idiomatic and therefore ambiguous. … Continue reading

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Companies can’t find workers and workers can’t find jobs; why both are true

You hear a lot of complaining nowadays about the economy. Some people say it’s great (a little bit of a slump, but overall things have never been better!), some people say it’s so unreasonably fucked that we’re going to see … Continue reading

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Don’t major in math

Here’s how prospective math majors (hardworking, naive idiots) usually look at it. I love math, especially in its pure and abstract forms. I would like to get a doctorate some day, but ideally I’d like to find a job as … Continue reading

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Less than ten actuary science job openings per state, per year

The job prospects for actuaries are supposed to be excellent. I really ought to have known better at this point in my life. Let’s have a look. The Occupational Outlook Handbook says: Number of Jobs, 2014: 24,600 Job Outlook, 2014-24: … Continue reading

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With apologies

Responding to a comment by eikos I don’t know. As I get older, I become more and more convinced that there really aren’t any choices between Christianity and the “way of the world”, i.e. slavery, caste, inquisitions, empire-building, endless wars, … Continue reading

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I feel like ass

That’s all I got for ya. Discuss.

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Symptoms of genius as chemical addiction

I referred to this in the previous post, but I figure it deserves to be highlighted. I changed a couple of the words, but you’d be surprised how few of them. IDENTIFYING GENIUS Creativity addiction typically starts off as recreational, … Continue reading

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Working memory dysfunction in geniuses is directly caused by the chemical addiction to creativity

The problem I concern myself with is genius as a cause of personal dysfunction. Please note that here I am speaking of the phenomenon of the genius personality type as a chemical addiction to creativity, and not in terms of … Continue reading

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A criticism of Heinlein’s meritocratic aristocracy

This summary of the politics in Starship Troopers doesn’t do it justice, but it should refresh your memory of the key points if you’ve already read it. And if you haven’t read it…well, it’s got tons of action and insight … Continue reading

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The Scandinavian paradox

I’m just putting a name to something that’s been discussed to death in racialist circles. How is it that modern Scandinavians are the world’s biggest pussies, despite being direct descendants of the world’s biggest badasses? There is no good evidence … Continue reading

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