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Discussion re: Beta male identity politics, propositions

Effortpost by Septagon, fisked. Men and women are complementary and asking a women to have the same life path as a man is counter productive, ie anti-life, for the species. They should be counter to each other. -Septagon Comment on … Continue reading

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Re: female K-selection in the modern day

I think female k selection still exists, we just don’t see it…It’s also possible that K selection females are also just going with the flow of modern society and are slowly feeling the pain of lying to themselves. kapy53 Comment … Continue reading

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Statement of the problem re: neanderthal identity politics

I’ve alluded to this but never articulated it. There are three parts, as far as I can tell. 1. Neanderthal is K, sapiens is R. Therefore, sapiens cannot be taught to prefer a K environment. 2. The female neanderthal sexual … Continue reading

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Discussion re: the cycle and personality types

Just some entertaining dialogue y’all might enjoy. You need competence at the beginning to build shit such as sewers and roads and governance. ENTPs great at experimenting but need conscientious people to make sure things get done and also don’t … Continue reading

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Adaptive personality types during major periods in the Pyrrhic cycle

There’s a theory buried in an as yet unpublished podcast with Patrick that I ought to get down. He and I already discussed in detail the personality traits which are favored in different sections of the Pyrrhic cycle. I believe … Continue reading

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Part 2 of high-level concepts

That first one about why it’s important was much more emotional, whereas this one is more abstract and shitposty and less serious. So you’ll probably like it better. The third one is vry srs and we actually go through most … Continue reading

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Beta male identity politics, propositions

A political movement must have explicit principles and an agenda, so here are my thoughts on thots. Principles 1) Assume average women have approximately 10% of the moral responsibility of average men. Thus, any policy for patrolling thots must focus … Continue reading

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