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Guest book review: Good Sugar Bad Sugar by Allen Carr

A “thank you” in book report form by the King of the North for the Rogue Minstrel. “Motivation is crap. Motivation comes and goes. When you’re driven, whatever is in front of you will get destroyed” –David Goggins “There are … Continue reading

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John Tyndall excerpt as possible case study in moral courage

This is an excerpt from the Jolly Heretic interview with Adrian Davies beginning at timestamp 1:20:36. Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about John Tyndall other than I learned from this exchange. That said, this Davies fellow is pretty grounded and … Continue reading

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Group selection of political theater kids – melonhead origins

H/T for the header image to this article which supplied the last piece to this puzzle in my head, and H/T to the American Sun for suggesting that article. Compare this image to Tbh what follows is pretty elementary … Continue reading

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“Alone” as a potential source of case studies for measuring moral courage

It’s not obviously a good measure, but I have a strong feeling that it would be a good measure and I’d like to talk myself through it. If you’re not familiar, Alone is an American adventure reality game show on … Continue reading

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Class or prosperity levels broken out by psychological effect of most common dilemmas

Uber-rich: Never have to choose between two good options, the answer is always “both”. “I want to go to Harvard, but the Oxford library is so rich with tradition. I’ll just fly back and forth.” If the uber-rich are ever … Continue reading

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WINNARZ except the other guy cheated

The forthcoming rant applies to conservatives, Nazis, neo-Confederates, Edenists, and other assorted whiny losers. Here’s the formula for how these conversations go: >Group A is superior in every way. They’re happy and spiritual and win at everything. Examples of Group … Continue reading

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Re: Wartime supply chains in post-America

If I post enough chatroom copypasta does that make me a genius? Yes. Holy shit. Cars are going away.Forget owning a house as a middle class aspirational thing, try owning a carMy first car, my parents bought below market from … Continue reading

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Further Owl convo re: JUA

anyway, JUA suggestions?the point I keep coming back to is motivation…PUA had obvious motivation, (indeed, the most intrinsic)but JUA isn’t going to fill a need unless that need is known, acknowledged, and accetpednow, there’s the Henry Ford approch of mkaing … Continue reading

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Owl convo re: Art, big 5, cognitive styles, sensualism as an -ism

Hank Oslo’s article on Hellraiser reminded me I have a couple of textwalls lying around. Here’s the first one. (I disagree with Oslo’s identification of the Cenobites as simply gay fetishists, I think they’re a personification of something more fundamental … Continue reading

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On abortion

Adding my 2c to Banned Hipster’s post. I assume it’s inspired by election year TV where conservatives think the Supreme Court is on their side all of a sudden, because…uh…reasons like…uh…LETS GOOOOO Recently an older lady tried to set me … Continue reading

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