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Edenism in one photo

Atavism is the tendency to revert to ancestral type. In biology, an atavism is an evolutionary throwback, such as traits reappearing which had disappeared generations before. Atavisms can occur in several ways. One way is when genes for previously existing … Continue reading

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The factory analogy for the two-factor intelligence model

Previously, the brainpower model of IQ. In order to explain my two-factor model, I have to make an analogy to power consumption and capacity in a complex factory. But in order to make this analogy, I’ll have to introduce a … Continue reading

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Stories as emotional reactivity formulas

Conjecture: Stories are long-form descriptions of human emotional state reactions, analogous to chemical reactions. Example: Chick flicks. They generally follow the formula of Humor and Worship -> Sadness -> Surprise and Happiness. Because Humor is Surprise and Disgust, the first … Continue reading

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My theodicy, such as it is

I think pain is our primary connection to the real world, i.e. the difference between dreaming and being awake (or “woke” ;D). One of the consequences of this is that pain produces fear, fear produces reflection, anticipation, and forethought, these … Continue reading

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Prometheus dream (somebody else’s)

An interesting dream a guy told me follows. The guy himself is an interesting specimen. ENTJ, IQ approximately 125-130, plays those engineering-type video games for fun, kitchen manager at my pizza place, somewhere between Delta and Beta in SSMV terms. … Continue reading

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On normies

Over the weekend I took a little hike to a family event on my dad’s side. I’m not close to any of my extended family relatives because there are way too many of them. Hell, I don’t even know how … Continue reading

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Introductory books for Christianity

Collected advice from Charles Murray, Vox Day, and myself. My advice is to start with the New Testament if you’re genuinely interested. It’s more important than the Old Testament and significantly shorter, so the payoff in understanding is immediate and … Continue reading

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The “brainpower” model of IQ

Brainpower is analogous to horsepower, which is a measure of work done over time. I claim that intelligence has two primary subfactors, comparable to: Current and Voltage in electronics Flow and Pressure in pneumatics and hydraulics Clock Rate and Instructions … Continue reading

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Training, experience, flow state, and OODA

Previously, superego is worldview. I had a realization a couple of days ago that a mental “flow” state is a shortcut in the OODA loop, where Observe->Orient->Decide->Act is reduced to Observe->Act. One of the things people report about this state … Continue reading

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“Noble lie” is a fancy way of saying gaslight

Here’s cuckservatism in a nutshell. Sure, it’s retarded to charge a machine gun and lose the war. But did you hear that triumphant music? It’s like a beautiful surrender, except cuckier. I hear they cut the scene where the imperial … Continue reading

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