Prometheus dream (somebody else’s)

An interesting dream a guy told me follows. The guy himself is an interesting specimen. ENTJ, IQ approximately 125-130, plays those engineering-type video games for fun, kitchen manager at my pizza place, somewhere between Delta and Beta in SSMV terms. Significant thal admixture but far from 100% pure, fully accredited ubermensch like yours truly.

Paraphrasing from memory: “I took a bunch of DMT and had an extremely vivid vision. I was running through a forest as fast as I could, thinking I needed to get somewhere. It felt like it was taking forever but the actual time was probably more like a 5-20 minutes. When I got out of the forest there was a medieval castle in front of me. I went inside and it was very dark until I got to the other side. There was a torch hanging in a sconce on the wall. This was extremely vivid, I could see charred bits falling away and I felt that I could reach out and burn myself. I took the torch and turned to leave the castle. That’s when the vision ended. I immediately knew afterward with perfect clarity that my job in life is to guide other people in their journeys to greater enlightenment.”

So what’s obviously happening here is the DMT is pulling the trickster/lightbringer archetype out from his unconscious mind, expressing it symbolically with what I now call a “naive literalistic imagination” (described here re: “my ears are burning”), and now he’s emulating this type as his self-identity.

I figure this means the trickster archetype is either A) in his meaty physical brain already, B) implanted by culture, C) something he pulled out of Platonic idea space, or D) something he pulled from somebody else’s mind. Being a degenerate materialist by nature, I favor interpretation A. However, the paranoid Christian in me favors D. The sensible part of me says it’s all of the above, like everything else, and just how requires unpacking. I don’t feel that anymore analysis can be done at this point, with the information I have to hand.

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  1. Ophiuchus says:

    Aren’t we in the “Age of Decadence” phase of your Pyrrhic Cycle of Civilization model (i.e. the phase in between the Lightbringer leaving or dying and the Serpent being killed or banished, characterized by dyscivic descent)? If so, this would suggest that your friend’s Promethean self-concept came from exogamous sources “lingering in the atmosphere”, so to speak. Though the memory of his knowledge and influence still hangs heavy in the air, the Lightbringer has already disappeared or died. So basically, your attributions to aforementioned causes A,B,C and D are correct, with specific emphasis on B and D.

    • Edenist Whackjob says:

      Is your nick a Tekumel reference?

      • Ophiuchus says:

        Nope. It’s a reference to several things, but Tekumel isn’t one of them.

        Firstly, it’s a reference to the actual constellation and astrological sign itself (which I unsurprisingly happen to be born under). Ophiuchus is one of the thirteen constellations that cross the ecliptic (i.e. the sun’s annual apparent celestial path). The other 12 constellations of the ecliptic are the basis of the astrological system we know as the Zodiac (as for why Ophiuchus was left out, blame the Babylonians and their 12-month lunar calendar).

        Because it was left as the odd man out, Ophiuchus is much less well-known than the other 12 ecliptic constellations/signs and is generally thought of as a “hidden” or “secret” 13th Zodiac sign. Also, upon initially discovering it, I was pretty shocked to see how congruent my own personality and life experiences were with those of the sign’s archetype (as opposed to Sagittarius, my previous sign that I’d never really “matched”). Now, that’s not to say I take astrology seriously as an actual belief system–I don’t, I just found it to be a cool coincidence (plus the fact that I’m an MM means my ancestors most certainly did take astrology seriously, so it’s also a way of sort of paying them homage/giving them a nod).

        Secondly, the imagery associated with the Ophiuchus sign itself depicts a man (specifically, Apollo’s son Asclepius) who is either carrying or wrestling with a giant serpent (in fact, one of the constellation’s other names is “Serpentarius”). I view this arrangement as symbolically analogous to my and other non-psychopathic/predatory MMs’ modern struggle to defeat/subdue our sinister racial second-cousins, who we know colloquially as Snake Melons.

        Thirdly, Ophiuchus is the Astrological representation of Asclepius, one of Apollo’s sons and the god of medicine and healing in Greek religion and mythology. The story of how he ended up as a constellation hefting around a snake like Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards is a fairly involved one, but it’s also the reason that one of the preeminent symbols of medicine and healing today, the Rod of Asclepius, is a snake intertwined around a staff. I see Ophiuchus/Asclepius’s strong healing connotation as a positive and appropriate one, being that our society is currently in desperate need of healing on nearly every level.

        Fourthly, Asclepius was the Greeks’ god of medicine, but he was actually based on a real person: the Egyptian polymath Imhotep, who is generally thought of as the first known physician, among several other things. I’ve mentioned Imhotep on the Altrugenics forum as being a sort of Edenic ur-archetype from which melonkind has been slowly but surely degrading from through the millennia, and see him as a kind of role model to strive to emulate (as opposed to an uncomfortably large portion of modern melons, who, as we all know, are sociopathic, parasitic pieces of shit).

        So to sum up, the name relates to an array of different, multilayered, variously intertwining concepts, symbols, people, and archetypes that all intersect at one common point: the constellation Ophiuchus.

        And there you have it: The overwrought, pretentious backstory of my internet username! It isn’t nearly as elegantly self-deprecating as “Aeoli Pera”, but it was so appropriate on so many levels that I had to go with it.

        Also, I’d never heard of Tekumel until you mentioned it here, which is odd because it’s definitely something that seems like it should’ve been on my radar plus it’s been around forever. Thank you for turning me onto it!

        • Ophiuchus says:

          Addendum to the above, and important to note:

          The sentence fragment, “it was so appropriate on so many levels that I had to go with it,” would be more accurately phrased as “It *felt* appropriate on so many levels at the time.” I certainly didn’t have anywhere near the depth of knowledge I just laid out in the above post at the time I actually chose my username; just a couple of vague bits and threads (such as Ophiuchus being Asclepius, him bearing/wrestling the serpent, my own birthsign, the medical symbol).

          The important thing is that the name intuitively *felt* right at first, and then the more I studied up on it, the more and more appropriate I learned the name actually was. The point is that in a way, it’s sort of like someone who’s new to Edenism trying to decipher and make sense of all the scattered, strange info while navigating through the lost catacombs of the Neanderhalls of old trying to piece together a coherent framework. The only thing leading them on is this gut feeling/intuition, telling them it’s right. It’s like a race-memory thing, I guess is what I’m trying to say, which will make it more difficult to market to the overwhelmingly vast majority of saps/croms; etc. It’s why rigor and refinement is important.

          • Koanic says:

            Very cool!

          • bicebicebice says:

            You dont’ need to market anything to a soulless biological-automaton NPC. They do as they are told, point in case all of history since the last Ice Age. I guess you could say, the process is automatic. Do you like catching Pokemon with your phone as an adult(something that was restricted to the nerds you hated on 15 years ago?), well you do now! Would you like to go die in a war. You do! Have all your finances in order and finally ready to ruin everything to “buy” a shoebox in a city? Welcome, now is just the time! Great!

            What is in store for us sentient beings, is first the destruction of our culture, which has happened, and secondly mongrelizing us into people who do not fall into any genetic group of peoples, so we won’t even have that, that being the flag waving of your genetic population group aka Nation States and said people who founded it.

            Which is why all K’s, even Snake Melons, need to do away with a certain (((trible))) of people.

            When everyone is an ooga booga, the wavelength signal goes dead forever.

        • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

          >my and my other non-psychopathic/predatory MM’s modern struggle to defeat/subdue our sinister racial second-cousins, who we know colloquially as Snake Melons.

          Is such a struggle afoot, as framed here? Do any melons explicitly self-identify as such, as far as you know? Edenism is mostly Thal-directed and oriented, with very limited reach and appeal beyond Internet A̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶s̶ Nobilids at the moment. A report from Planet Melon would lend a very interesting perspective to the ideascape, I think.

          • Koanic says:

            Yes, Ophiuchus is not alone in his self-identification and alignment.

            I think Jesus fits a primordial Melon mold, whereas John the Baptist is more Thal.

            • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

              Nice. John even got shafted by melon politicking.

              Was thinking of Tex’s accounts of coming across ‘forbidden books’ from the estates of deceased melons. Implication being that a significant portion of the truly powerful know of their remarkable origins, and wish to contain that knowledge. Being able to trace your bloodline back 1500+ years is one thing, but understanding yourself as functionally a different species to the great majority of humankind is a step beyond. Was also wondering whether there is a parallel idea-space to edenism independently emergent amongst those melons unaware of their origins. Is consciousness of disaffection and difference common amongst MMs? Does such a sense bother them as it does thals? If so, do they recognise themselves as operating on a level with other melons rather than with common men, and is there an understanding of enemies on this level as similar in some sense, but evil?

            • glosoli says:


              Some of them appear to know what they are, and can trace their lineage back much further than 1500 years.

              Warning: reading this may induce nausea……


          • bicebicebice says:

            The Autistés first stop is the internet, and my god are these people more numerous now than ever, thank god! I support vaccines and older people having children because has nothing to lose by investigating things that would rib him off his place/status in society, these people never were a part of it nor will they ever be.
            That is not a bad poisition to be in when the current system collapses, quite the contrary I would say!

            • glosoli says:

              Thatcher was spot on re society:


              Was she a Christian I wonder? Or Thallish? She certainly knew the enemy is the left and big govt. Eventually (((they))) forced her out.

            • bicebicebice says:

              “Thatcher was spot on re society:”

              Here is some Woo x1
              K People saw her as the leader of government, r people see her as being at the top of the pyramid. The pyramid is benevolent because the pyramid gives out orders of things to do, the pyramid gives you a token you can redeem for grain and beer, if you have goodboy points you could get some weed to. You get everything on the state.

              Some people are weak-willed, some have no will at all. Who had the consciuos thought here, really. Probably the r-types, racial memory of the nice comforting rock-pile vs woman who offers freedom in a sense, well, the freedom to do what exactly?
              Programmed to respond to one thing and one thing only, anything that threatens pyramid-socialism must go. K=society, r=socialism.

              She seems to be talking about the same route and thing but backwards in a sense. If you appease the 20%K you will never win a democratic election where 80% r can (possibly) vote. The genetics of politics without people being aware of the subject (but still act accordingly to it…) and to top it off their own genetic play into said thing. Now that is a book I would buy and read all 10 000 pages of.

              If good K run society, then dumb dumbs can not vote, like ancient Greece.. If bad K run society, dumb dumbs will be allowed to vote Them into power but never challenge their power ones that happens but always be given the illusion of said thing that is never possible.

              There is some more to this for sure, requesting professional mah blerghery.

              TLDR; “oh yeah I can see why she lost/won”

              What do? What can do? This is why the “illuminati muh enlighted lucifer lightbringer to awaken the masses from tyranny of god to see real light and be free” will fail.

              Top KeK.
              Fucking Melons and their automatons. Well played.

              *Tips Fedora*

          • Ophiuchus says:

            10 Nobilids out of 10 post; I more or less agree with every word.

            >Is such a struggle afoot, as framed here?

            Yes, though the vast majority of the participants aren’t consciously aware of/acting on the “Thal + Disaffected/Altruistic Melon Class-Defector + Average Joe” Good-Guy Alliance vs. “Snake Melon + Jewstein McNationwrecker + Globo-Homo-Deep-State-Elite” Shitbag Alliance paradigm, which segues into your next question:

            >Do any melons explicitly self-identify as such, as far as you know?

            No–at least none of the ones I know in person. One of the important things to understand is that the vast majority of modern people with overspecialized parietal bones and intermediate-to-shallow eye socket depth have essentially no idea that the Thal-Melon-Sap paradigm exists. I think most of them make a vague subconscious distinction between “those who are like me” and “those who are not” (i.e. those who “speak the language” of subtlety, nuance, influence et al and those who don’t) but as far as explicitly identifying as “melon-headed reality-controllers with elongated skulls” I can pretty confidently say that they don’t.

            Most of the melons on the “Good guy” or “Pro-K Selection” side of the current struggle are the disaffected children of various members of the higher-level rankings in Aeoli’s Overwatch Paradigm (my own family falling into the large-brained/large group-sized “technocrat” subtype). In other words, most of the “Good guy melons” are a large proportion of the class defectors who make up the notorious outlaw band known as the Alt-Right, who have recently swept in from the establishment’s blindside to teach the old, Crommy Far-Right movement how it’s done.
            You can find them on websites like Gab.Ai, producing content and driving discussion in places like Vox Populi and Chateau Heartiste, as well as certain politically incorrect imageboards, forums like TRS and MPCdot, and generally wherever modern intellectual hatethink is predominant online. Keep in mind, however, that not all youngish melons are disaffected (obviously). I still know quite a few who are first and foremost concerned with advancement and/or acquisition of power and reality management for its own sake.

            Melonheads/Parietal Specialists evolved to fill the role of system administrator for human and bio-sociological systems (as opposed to, say, administrators of technological systems). A disproportionate amount of the membership of the Alt-Right are young-ish melons who have realized that the system they live in is fucked up, and that it desperately needs intensive repair work/fixing/possible scrapping and overhaul.

            I’d surmise that if the polymathic, large-tribe-K-selected melons make up the first majorly-overrepresented group within the Alt-Right, the second overrepresented group would more than likely be none other than their super-specialized, small-tribe-K-selected, luxuriantly Neanderthaloid counterparts, who’ve hated mass society since, like, *before* it was cool. Again though, most of the people in both of these groups aren’t really aware that they’re what we’d call melons or thals.

            >Implication being that a significant portion of the truly powerful know of their remarkable origins, and wish to contain that knowledge

            A significant portion of the TRULY powerful, as opposed to those who are ultimately taking orders from somewhere higher up on the pyramid, will still be an extremely minuscule group of people in both relative and absolute terms. Such people may indeed have the books that Tex spoke of, and they may indeed be fully aware of some crucial esoteric knowledge regarding melon origins–but my family, myself and the majority of the people in our social sphere (ranging from upper-middle class to upper-class) most definitely did not get that memo. In other words, if the link Glosoli posted is true (a member of the Rothschild family revealing some Itz-y, Texarcanic knowledge), the info Rothschild is divulging definitely isn’t something most melons are aware of.
            Also, the spelling mistakes in that thread actually make it more believable: deliberately writing in a loony/error-ridden manner is a classic means of establishing plausible deniability that you were actually the one writing it (i.e. “You think I, patriarch of the super-elite Rothschild dynasty, would use so many superfluous quotation marks in his exposition, let alone be posting on this filthy, obscure corner of the internet in the first place?! Why, I scoff at the very notion! You lunatics really will believe anything!…. [heh, heh, heh]”)

            >Edenism is mostly Thal-directed and oriented, with very limited reach and appeal beyond Internet Nobilids at the moment. A report from Planet Melon would lend a very interesting perspective to the ideascape, I think.

            Agreed. Stay tuned (and get typed)!

            • glosoli says:

              Roff is definitely the real thing.
              He alludes to the next global monetary system, and his description fits exactly with what I and a few others are expecting and have seen take shape over the last few decades.

              Interestingly, if you are curious, the mysterious thread that got me started on monetary stuff was posted anonymously nearly twenty years ago, and many believe that poster was a Roff too, but an older generation. Quite possibly Jacob and Nat, Nat likes to run his mouth I reckon, based on his Twitter feed.


              Free tip….physical gold will need to revalued much higher than it is now in the new system (where the price is both undervalued because of the debt bubble, and hidden by billions in paper gold) as gold will be used as the main reserve asset and for international settlement.

              Buy now, hold it close, til the storm has passed.

            • -MM- says:

              Went through the whole thread. Whoever it was, they were certainly intelligent. The fact that the thread lasted a whole year is the biggest reason to think it wasn’t a Rothschild. In any case, from finance to the genetic weapons in our food, water, and vaccines, he was mostly right. His level of knowledge for (((The plan))) was never shown to go far beyond what most here know except via the little details he spouted(Like the number of Amino acids in HGH, and the name of the inventor of the only true human analogue, ETC.)
              Some of the BS:
              -Time exists at once(kill the chicken = the eggs are poisoned)
              -Vegetarian diet.
              He is right about carbs to a point. I did Keto for a year and it is healthier(You basically CANT be fat without insulin response) but Rofschild seems to be unaware that glucose is directly involved in the coding of memories in the hippocampus. Not to mention the lack of energy- the biggest hit being MENTAL.
              The no-meat stance makes no-sense, especially considering the obsession with NATURAL LAW and how he views us:

              “As you grind out your daily routine, Mr. German, you are vaguely aware that unborn children and animals are being slaughtered in countless numbers.

              Can you hear their silent screams?

              Have you participated in these holocausts by omission or commission?

              If you choose to inflict a hostility upon another today, who is the responsible party? If you stand by passively while others do your dirty work, are you complicit?

              You see, Mr. German, the YIN YANG, the great counterweight of the FREE WILL issue is responsibility…sweet personal responsibility! The AGENTS act on YOUR BEHALF!

              Let the beautiful lies continue! At your great PERIL!”
              ^Fucker. Agents on behalf of his family are causing the 3rd fall of man and he thinks the fact that we eat meat makes us savages?
              The greatest improvement IQ brings is in your ability to rationalize anything so no surprise! Rofschild the enlightened meat puppet.

              -The banter back and forth between him and Bickle/Zippy was some of the funniest shit I’ve ever read.
              -I agreed with him an uncomfortably large amount

              Overall reading the entire thing was a waste of time but I now certainly feel MOTIVATED. My FAMILY isn’t going to to get wiped out by these freaks!

              ***You all make sure of the same!!!***

            • -MM- says:

              Post FIAT=
              WATER CONTROL and CASHLESS SOCIETY w digital currency.
              Hoarding physical assets now – preferably edible ones- will be only way to avoid it.

            • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

              Another possible ITZ strategy, seldom discussed, is to learn seacraft, invest in an oceangoing yacht, and become a ‘sailer of the third kind’. I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it done by a relative of mine. The mindset required is very Thal and itz-y, and maintaining a vessel in the open ocean for years at a time requires skill. All the same, deepwater cruising offers perhaps the closest approach to true freedom and self-sufficiency available to people today. I feel that more americans and disaffected, thallish westerners should be aware that with moderate means, and some focus and planning, it is still entirely possible to simply take to sea…

            • -MM- says:

              The boat strategy should be a good one for next 20 or so years.
              Only problem I see is if Tex etc. are right about autonomous war. Or if they are obsessive enough to try and wipe out ANY human they can detect via satellites.
              Its doubtful they’ll stop culling at the magic Georgia Guide-stones 150 million mark imo.

        • Aton says:

          It’s interesting how you can easily tell MMs from xTs just from the way they write/express themselves.

          • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

            It really is pronounced, isn’t it? As Ophiuchus once said, “dat parietal mass” works profound effects on thinking and writing patterns.

  2. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    Grim. From experience, this does ring true to the mindset of arch-predators. There’s no escaping it; this is the way that the world is set up. For example, I returned to an old watering-hole tonight, previously closed due to ongoing renovations and expansion into neighbouring buildings, only to find a Comet Pizza-style mural complete with depictions of Satan and the triangular spiral paedophile device. Truly, this shit is everywhere.

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