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Poplism, or, how to do the treestump life correctly if you insist on doing that despite my moralizing against it

Defooing everyone and everything, supposedly for your mental health, is bad for your mental health. And that’s aside from the moral angle, presuming you have a sense of morality beyond muh dick. But for those of you insist on defooing … Continue reading

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Q-anon followers as Guy Debord’s “first-class spectators”

Someone who is happy to be taken into confidence is hardly likely to criticize it; nor to remark that in all the confidences, the principal part of reality will always be hidden from him. Thanks to the benevolent protection of … Continue reading

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Autism as a disorder of high intelligence

Dutton mentions this often on his show but here’s a reference. Autism As a Disorder of High Intelligence A suite of recent studies has reported positive genetic correlations between autism risk and measures of mental ability. These findings indicate that … Continue reading

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Architecture reading of National Museum of African American History

Let’s see, do we want to have fun today or do work?We haven’t done architecture reading in a while. loldon’t have anything prepared for that Okay, forget work, that’s a fascinating building.I see a three-layer cake, where each layer is … Continue reading

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Red pill bio

Surprisingly, I haven’t blogged this yet. I’m also interested in what you guys remember as being your introduction to and history with the “red pill” In ROTC I figured it was part of an officer’s job to have some awareness … Continue reading

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Nottuh re: vaccines (part 1)

Hello readers here at Aeoli Pera, this is Nottuh aka Mr. N, and this is the introduction to an upcoming series of guestposts where I will be researching the hot topic of Covid-19 vaccinations. I would first like to thank … Continue reading

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On the most recent UFO bullshit

Hey have you guys looked into the UFO stuff much? Thoughts? Enough to know it’s an intelligence psyop, presumably for NWO reasons. They’ve been saying for decades this was the narrative they wanted to use to pull it off. I’m … Continue reading

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Foreign media mysteriously reports what the IDF tells them to report

(This was a writeup of the FTN 407 bit at timestamp 1:44:00 for the normies. H/T to Jazznds and James.) With invasion that wasn’t, IDF suspected of duping foreign press to trick Hamas During massive overnight bombardment, military spokesman tells … Continue reading

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Hypothetical eras of female mate choice salience

As David Buss points out, the arranged marriages custom of classical Europeans in 1600 was, in evolutionary terms, very recent and exceptional. This was in a discussion of Menelous Apostolou’s theory that female mate choice is a psychological mismatch from … Continue reading

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Edenism table of contents slash starter bibliography

A work in progress, taking suggestions. Primary authors who inspired major themes of Edenism, in order of importance: RDOS Stan GoochCarleton CoonBrian Foerster Graham Hancock Lloyd Pye (British Israel bullshit?) Additions?[Ed: Nottuh notes “Anonymous Conservative did inspire aspects of Edenism … Continue reading

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