On the most recent UFO bullshit

Hey have you guys looked into the UFO stuff much? Thoughts?

Enough to know it’s an intelligence psyop, presumably for NWO reasons. They’ve been saying for decades this was the narrative they wanted to use to pull it off.

I’m supposed to believe the government that lies about everything else on earth of, presumably, lesser importance is suddenly being open and honest about THIS? This is the one they’re going to tell the truth about? Not JFK? Not Seth Rich? Did I miss the period of agonized soul-searching about the dangers of dishonesty on the part of the managerial class? This is the government that just rallied the media to get everyone saying there’s NO SUCH THING as voter fraud. But hey, a bunch of intelligence-connected military people are coming out of the woodwork to bring us all into the inner circle about UFOs so we can have an open and honest democratic discussion of what it is and how to respond? They can’t be trusted to oppose letting trannies in the SEALs, but by gum they’ll find the moral courage to speak out about the existential alien threat to all mankind!

Fuck me if that’s not insulting as all hell. I didn’t even have time to take off that mask you said wouldn’t help right before making it mandatory.

The way I figure is they saw how the Covid thing went and decided to just go for it because they realized the masses are particularly useless at this moment in history. So why not? This is the same media that globally, uniformly misreported the IDF’s troop movements to help them in their fight against Hamas. People don’t even have the excuse of thinking life is like a movie this time, because in ALL the movies the government covers up the alien threat. EVERY movie. But no, this time…this ONE TIME…on the MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT…the intelligence agencies of the United States government are finally coming clean! For DEMOCRACY!

Because they respect YOUR opinion as an informed citizen so goddamn much they just couldn’t bear to hold the truth in any longer. You DESERVE to know.

Here’s a bit of reporting that appears to lay out the long-form argument for those who need it: https://www.unz.com/aanglin/the-pentagon-is-behind-the-fake-alien-agenda/

I didn’t read it because this is such obvious bullshit, but I’m happy to see Unz picked up Andrew Anglin.

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20 Responses to On the most recent UFO bullshit

  1. Obadiah says:

    I’m just hoping we’ll get some decent vids of high-level Pentagon brass and ayylmaos performing dope choreographed dance routines inside of Area 51.

  2. LOADED says:

    Great point at the end about them voluntarily wanting us to know things being preposterous.

    They might feed us information for their personal gain though obviously something they do and i think might be done here for example. If UFOs might be real the NWO might be trying to prepare themselves to fight against them.

  3. reg says:

    Finally, the planet of earth and it’s humanoid inhabitants can be permitted to join the United Federation of planets. we just need you humans to put behind you such childish things as family and self-sufficiency and notions of a God and other such fictions, and all come together in peace and slavery…sorry, harmony, and you can join us and travel to the stars at warp speed.

    Make it so, Mr Xi.

  4. Heaviside says:

    The current wave of UFO coverage by the mainstream media began with an NYT article that appeared less than a month before the launch of the “failed” Zuma payload by SpaceX in January 2018, that was most likely a stealth satellite with an inflatable shroud of the MISTY type supplied by Robert Bigelow’s company. Behind Robert Bigelow and Tom DeLonge are Col. John Alexander and Peter Levenda, both of whom are probably Setians.

    If you want an introduction to the US government’s involvement with the UFO issue you should check out Nick Redfern’s books Body Snatchers in the Desert and Final Events. Neither of these is really the whole story but they are the best that currently exist in the form of published books.

  5. Littlebook says:

    Wrong, Elizondo is legit and the UFOs are demons debuting for their role in Revelations, like “Israel”.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You may want to recount the micronutrients in your diet.

      • Get on my level


        Blog traffic growth says I write the web’s best Alt-Right news roundup. For Cyborganize, it’s an easy checklist step. For AC and VD, it’s obsolescence. Not that I want their commenters.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Well, you wouldn’t have stepped out of the woodwork all of a sudden if you weren’t looking to spin up some social influence. So why’s this new thing going to work? What have you learned about social influence in the last eight years that you were doing wrong before?

          • Don’t care, not interested.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              In other words, your superhuman organization system somehow led you to the blog of a former friend (acquaintance?) from years ago to argue about UFOs. I wasn’t expecting an olive branch or anything because, frankly, you have a history of foolishness, but this is pretty frivolous for a cyborg.

            • No, I monitor your blog manually as brief procrastination with occasional benefit. I didn’t argue, I disagreed for the record for the faith.

              I’m not surprised to hear the bitter in your voice. We can certainly talk after Trump’s July 4 2021 inauguration.

              Out of despair, you took desperate measures, exceeding your grasp in the erroneous belief that the outcome depended on you. 1 Samuel 13:12

              One of the lessons of chronic illness is to accept failure when inevitable, mitigate the damage, and derive a benefit. Before nortriptyline, I treated international travel as a koan rapid-iteration stress test, since gut inflammation inevitably rendered me brainfogged and personality-sapped.

              Of course this caused weird behavior, but wasn’t much worse than the alternative, and offered the potential upside of a great psychological innovation to balance present pain.

              Travel then being torture, I did it only by duty or necessity; Gary appealed to the former. Obviously I was aware that you and Gary observing me in a compromised state would impel you to greater intellectual independence.

              That didn’t work out for either of you. So what? It didn’t work for me either; hence Cyborganize.

              You might say I have too much empathy to sympathize.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >We can certainly talk after Trump’s July 4 2021 inauguration.

              Now THAT’s worth putting on my schedule. July 5th it is. We can do it as a live podcast! :-D

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >I’m not surprised to hear the bitter in your voice.

              That tends to happen when you regularly abandon and dismiss people as irrelevant to your latest ambition. You may want to write that down for later.

            • Littlebook says:

              I’ve no interest in recreational socialization while the race and faith founder. Furthermore, distance cushions irreconcilable conflict. Currently irreconcilable conflict exists between antiracist normies, the Alt-Right, and Qanons. This temporarily renders all three groups useless for my purposes.

              The lesson I’ve learned is to cut things off sooner, and I will apply it ruthlessly.

            • reg says:


              Leo wrote: ‘Executing everyone foolish, cowardly and conformist enough to trust the government to experimentally alter their mRNA sounds like a much-needed eugenic cull. Might slow down the dysgenic trend dramatized in Idiocracy. If we could simultaneously kill everyone who believes cloth masks are ineffective at reducing r0 of viral respiratory contagion, we’d probably have another high IQ renaissance like the 1800s.’

              If you ever fancy a beer, be cool to discuss the ashkenazi plans to wipe out billions of whites, Holodomor II. You seem such a friendly chap, no doubt Aeoli misses you greatly, you’ll be glad when he and his family are dead, stoopid whites.

            • David says:


              Do we all have our popcorn ready for today’s Trump inauguration?
              Podcast tomorrow?

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              I fuckin wish. I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten the memo that the date has been pushed back to August.

        • Leo Tinydick says:

          WRONG! ( pls learn how to win friends like me, i cyborgainzed the method, so it is super easy for me).

          My blog traffic has grown from 3 visitors to 13, bigly impressive, truly I was the secret king of blog growth, now u know for sure I AM DA BEST, its no longer a secret, every other blogger is an idiot, esp VD and jim, hate them and that AC idiot. Get on my level idiots, take moar drugs, shill ur blog moar. nB, I do not care though, who wants commenters anyway, all humanoids are idiots, except me and Xi. we will save the East. not the west.

          Get yrself a chicom lawyer wife to look after u, so u too can save the West, or the East, by spedning every day in ur pajamas reading internet whackjob sites and copying and pasting them into ur blog. copy/pasta is the best blogging, and I do it bestest. Remember to write it all in ur electronic diary for 4 hrs every nite, to be like a cyborg.I never cry, not interesteed.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I hear some of them may have been tabulated fraudulently.

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