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Wiki philosophy

So I finally gave this topic some thought, and decided on some rules of thumb for how I want to do wiki stuff. Essentially, it’s going to be written for the brighter folks (150 IQs and up) because a lot … Continue reading

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Demon possession dream

Here are some preliminaries for context. People with more knowledge or experience may know what’s relevant. I had recently read Owl’s dream with a demon encounter, so it could have just been my imagination playing with that. Something similar happened … Continue reading

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Anonymous guest post: Die Kant Die

Today is going to be very busy, but fortunately someone has stepped up to entertain you weirdos in my place. I don’t know if this essay is terrible or great or anything, because philosophy is not really my thing. But … Continue reading

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Sigma theory

I was all excited about this one until I realized Koanic predicted it with his sociosexual model (requires access). Hopefully I can at least explain it more colorfully. Sigmas are the rare introverted Alpha male. They are characterized by a … Continue reading

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Hay look I’m all sciencey now

Thought I’d share a Slashdot headline that hit my e-mail today. Paternal Stress Is Passed To Offspring Researchers have discovered that stress experienced by male mice can be passed on to their offspring. “In earlier work, these scientists exposed male … Continue reading

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Subjective-objective axis versus absolute-relative axis

Yesterday’s post was god-awful. Good idea, worst writing of all time. Let’s see if I can improve on that a little. Something else I noticed yesterday is a common reason I tend to talk past people. It is because they … Continue reading

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Performance-Generalization feedback effect

So I was busy complaining to my buds about how we spend so much time and effort thinking and talking about how NOT to use heuristics incorrectly, that we never get around to figuring out how to use them correctly. … Continue reading

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