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The power of hope, concretely speaking

You’ve probably heard the survivor’s rule of three at some point in your life: A human being cannot survive: • 3 Seconds Without Spirit and Hope • 3 Minutes Without Air • 3 Hours Without Shelter in Extreme Conditions • … Continue reading

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Example ENTP-INTJ conversation in Cycle of Arawn

Ran into this while re-listening to The Cycle of Arawn. Dante an INTJ, Cally is ENTP. Description of how they interact here. This has got to be my lowest effort shitpost yet. Thanks to iSteve for showing de way to … Continue reading

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Great conversation with Owl

Happy Chinese new year! I think I’ve not double-checked the actual date Happy new year Corona-chan! How can God not be real when he gives us an apocalypse you can take with a wedge of lime? It’s poetic and ironic … Continue reading

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Everyone knows the world economy is going to take a shit, the question is who will have toilet paper

A couple of months ago, my boss’s boss’s boss gave a presentation where he said the company will be investing more in industries producing basic necessities like water treatment because federal economists told them they’re planning the worst depression in … Continue reading

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Re: The hiddenness of God

One of my goals for this year is to find a compelling explanation for the hiddenness of God. Particularly, I want to know why he’s more hidden now than he was at a couple of different times in the past. … Continue reading

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On the doctrine of the immutability of God

Inspired by a debate with an unwilling Calvinist. It’s pretty clear that God changes his mind: “I have seen these people,” the Lord said to Moses, “and they are a stiff-necked people. 10 Now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and … Continue reading

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It just occurred to me that I’d rather get caught up in the gears of the justice system than the medical system. Getting medical treatment is probably a better predictor of a slow, meaningless death through systematic incompetence at this … Continue reading

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Never forget the Cold War is still on

The actors are all the same, only the stage has changed. Never forget they are organized by a real nation’s military intelligence apparatus with real strategic goals, metrics for success, budgets, supply chains, an industrial base of economic support, names, … Continue reading

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