Never forget the Cold War is still on

The actors are all the same, only the stage has changed. Never forget they are organized by a real nation’s military intelligence apparatus with real strategic goals, metrics for success, budgets, supply chains, an industrial base of economic support, names, hierarchies, addresses, and paychecks. It’s a war of low-key poisonings from every angle to eventually overload your system. Never forget they are trying to exterminate your friends and family through their TVs, their academics, their jobs, their politics, and their food. Anything you could compare to a well because it’s part of the commons and depends on trust- there’s a graph on somebody’s wall reminding them to gradually increase the toxicity. Your culture is not dying, it’s being killed. The increase of toxicity is limited only by the speed of normalcy bias and monetary inflation. Your only concealment, until the toxicity gets you, is their belief that you’re not a threat to the pretense of peacetime.

Happy belated New Year. May your 2020 be characterized by clarity.

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12 Responses to Never forget the Cold War is still on

  1. mas says:

    They will certainly not succeed. Happy New Year, aeoli !

  2. Obadiah says:


    >yfw the Cold War has been raging at varying levels of intensity and scale (sometimes going hot) since the Mesolithic era when Cain and Co.’s Crazy Carousel kicked things off

    • bicebicebice says:

      actually a good reminder, they haven’t won in millenia and the only thing that was/is ITZED be dropping neanderthal levels (which can reasily be reversed), really puts being a defeatist blackpilled faggot into perspective it does

      unfortunately however the whiteoid man has clearly demonstrated that he is not capable of running a civlization and we live in a society looks like another win for the treestump and the 博格尼茲

  3. boneflour says:

    Speaking of which, here’s a Bernie guy talking about how “We want free education because of all these Nazis we’re gonna have to send to re-education camps. You know they had Gulags for a reason!”

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