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Shitpost: Speaking of generalizations…

Here’s some speculation on the outlying European tribes that first populated America: Puritans: heavy neanderthal admixture (but where is the musical culture we’d expect?) Cavaliers: heavy melonhead admixture Quakers: heavy cro magnon admixture Borderers: white homo sapiens, a hodge-podge of … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on ADHD-Inattentive

The limbic system determines the salience of environmental stimuli and the prefrontal cortex chooses which reactive impulses to suppress and which to give rein. Primarily, the function of impulse suppression is to reduce time preference so that larger, later payoffs … Continue reading

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Emotion precedes logic

(Repost from an old forum thread.) The human mind is not logical in its primitive state. As children we are capable of logic if we need it to get something we want, but we are otherwise disinclined to it, preferring … Continue reading

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Reprise: a brain matter theory that actually makes sense (hopefully)

I was on the right track last time but I got the details about 80% wrong. Take that as a cautionary tale. This is an overview of the 2.0 theory. Thesis: White matter is the seat of kenntnis, gray matter … Continue reading

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Influence, intersectionality, money

Offhand I remarked yesterday that my problem is strictly financial because it “turns out money is measured in IRL friends”. That put me in mind of this section of Propaganda: Yet it must be remembered that these thousands of groups … Continue reading

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Comments on Leo’s “Deepsocket vs. Widespace”

Leo = Koanic. Widespace and Deepsocket both result from increased development of the orbitofrontal cortex, which is a universalist altruistic justice engine. However, just as width is perpendicular to depth, so also the target of altruism is mutually orthogonal: the … Continue reading

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Criticisms of Anonymous Conservative’s political theory

I have three criticisms in particular. 1. AC says conservatives are K. But conservatives have lots of kids and prefer less crowded ecological niches, i.e. living in the country rather than the cite. Having more kids in low-population areas is … Continue reading

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On mousterian neanderthals

The name Mousterian is borrowed from the particular toolmaking culture that was passed down by neanderthals in Europe and Asia Minor for at least 600,000 years, most notably the Levallois technique. The label derives from Le Moustier, an archeological site … Continue reading

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For some reason I can’t figure out, I’ve been sleeping twelve hours per day for six days in a row. Since I also work full-time, it doesn’t leave time for much else. It sounds pathological but it doesn’t feel pathological, … Continue reading

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Fun raccoon story

I’m detoxing from caffeine right now, so you’ll have to settle for low-rent entertainment for a couple of days. Anyway, today I learned that raccoons don’t have a very good sense of smell. I was sitting outside around midnight staring … Continue reading

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