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Jewish Gnosticism

I’m not the first to point out this connection. Again from Israel Shahak’s “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years”: According to the cabbala, the universe is ruled not by one god but by several deities, of … Continue reading

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The Cthulhids of Technobabylon

My brother is running a D&D campaign. He’s borrowing figurines from a game called Kings of War called “Nocturna”: He foolishly shared this picture with me and is now internet famous across the Edenosphere. The eight of us will never … Continue reading

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Soliciting personal criticism (temporary unban)

I recently regressed into toxicity by biting off a bit more than I could chew, and as part of reflecting on this period I’d like to gather outside observations of the ways I break down under pressure. I expect most … Continue reading

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Jewish Platonism and the neuroscience of prayer

Using the concepts of Platonism to analyze Israeli policies based on ‘Jewish ideology’ should not seem strange, It was noticed by several scholars, of whom the most important was Moses Hadas, who claimed that the foundations of ‘classical Judaism’, that … Continue reading

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Anecdotes re: autism, number of details in a Gestalt test, cartoons, and real-life functioning this on the off-chance that you haven’t already seen it -saladboy Interesting. I got 1 and 3 easily but I still can’t see 2 and 4 at all even knowing what they’re supposed to be.May have something to do … Continue reading

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Soliciting red pilled science on Gypsies/Roma

I believe I have the psychology of Jews basically cracked (i.e. it’s Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus in Gladiator), but in the meantime the turtle brain is becoming very interested in the Gypsies for comparison and contrast. Jews are basically Gypsies plus … Continue reading

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Current worldview summary

The simplest way I can express my worldview is the world is run by corporations that are run by intelligence agencies that are run by global finance*, which is dominated by fanatical Judaism, which has declared that they must create … Continue reading

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Revisiting the brainpower and competence models

Ken asks: Seem legit? Temptingly concise. “one of the worst traps people fall into is thinking theyre smart when you have this platonic ideal of intelligence you cuckhold yourself. Intelligence is just higher frame rate it’s not competence. You can … Continue reading

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Mechanical language as trades training video game engine

From a cursory search there don’t appear to be any good, fleshed-out video games for training in the trades. There are a couple that look promising at first glance (HVAC simulator on Steam) but then you look a little deeper … Continue reading

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Stage 4 of white genocide

Now that we’re solidly in phase 4 of the white genocide (H/T Devon Stack of Blackpilled), state and corporate actors will be encouraging violent crime, often at great cost to the institutions themselves: 4. DEHUMANIZATION: One group denies the humanity … Continue reading

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