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Relatively normal people cult podcast

In this episode of 3 woo 5 me, normal people doing perfectly normal things, like talking about burps and stuff. Up next: “If Kant is so smart, how come I haven’t read his book?” Bice’s blog:… Glosoli’s blog: http://watchman-westandwales.blogspot… … Continue reading

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“Truth and beauty”

I hear this phrase get thrown around a lot as if it were a traditional Christian meme, which set off my discernment alarm. I dig some basic digging and, tl;dr- it’s neo-Platonism. Click through for the larger versions of these: … Continue reading

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Zero HP Lovecraft on the NPC meme

This is good. There are a number of memes like this one where the Alt-Right is gaslighting itself and these people need the piss taken out of them until they unlearn the behavior. I’m thinking of the “no internal dialogue” … Continue reading

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Example of owl melon fate sense

Because their brainmass is weighted toward the parietal region, they express this nonverbal intelligence primarily in symbols intelligence, statistical reasoning, game theory calculations, and abstract intuition… Though they are reserved about their religious opinions, they run heavily to mystical thinking … Continue reading

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The Generation Zyklon meme is not merely misguided, it’s evil

Gen X parents imagine they’ll be watching a fun mass cull from the comfort of their rocking chairs, joyously mocking the whole time. That’s because they’re worse people than Boomers, and their children are already more fucked up than Millenials. … Continue reading

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Prescription for Western Civilization

In order for Western Civilization to survive, we must relearn how to identify status with accountability. Until we do this, the increasing inelasticity of demand for legitimacy will brutalize the elastically decreasing supply of trust. Diagnosis here.

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The Enlightenment, SCALE, and their inevitable globalism

This connection was too well expressed to allow it to escape notice. The dust-up over those Catholic HS kids being “doxed” highlights the problem: Our social units are orders of magnitude too large to fit in the definition of community. … Continue reading

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Generation Z on religion

Boomers may have been the most destructive generation in history, but Gen X were the worst parents. For years, religious scholars and observers have argued that the decline in American religious life is explained by other factors or isn’t important: … Continue reading

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On brokenness

I had a brief dream once where I had been tortured in an interrogation to get me to reveal who my compatriots were and where they were hiding. There was no pain, but there was the sensation of being drenched … Continue reading

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Brain damage mindset podcast

“I feel like I have brain damage right now” WHAT A GLORIOUS START TO THE POADCAST -prefc If you liked that, then you’ll love part 2. I think we spent 30 minutes talking about a political platform that will never … Continue reading

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