Brain damage mindset podcast

“I feel like I have brain damage right now”


If you liked that, then you’ll love part 2. I think we spent 30 minutes talking about a political platform that will never happen and then thirty minutes saying what movies we liked.

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7 Responses to Brain damage mindset podcast

  1. Obadiah says:

    >“Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party could have agreed. They could have been one movement.”

    Lucifer and Ahriman can only reconcile through the Christ Consciousness.

    >”I don’t believe this r/K crap”

    Unfortunately, it believes in you.

    >”People with high IQs are more likely to have extreme view and extreme politics”

    Thomas777 said: ↑
    “The well adjusted among us (at least in America) forget about Politics, Warfare, violence, and passion when we hit about 25…those of us that don’t are rather incorrigible.”

    >”I’m over the ‘win at any cost'”

    Good. If you subscribe to ‘win at any cost’ you’re just Roffschild in the end

  2. bicebicebice says:

    “>”I don’t believe this r/K crap”

    Unfortunately, it believes in you.”


    sexualise earlier (earlier reproduction)
    exhibit cowardice (individually run instead of fight)
    have lower in-group loyalty
    have lower parental investment in offspring
    be anti-competitive


    sexualise later
    have higher parental investment in offspring
    be competitive
    have high in-group loyalty
    exhibit courage, but limit potential risk in combat (ritualised combat)

    I want to believe. r selected can evolve into gardeners to they don’t eat all the grass, K selected can evolve into herders so they always got meat, but the autistic “imma get muh poon” sexnovel manchild retard can only look forward to the grave-and the whole of our society is like this right now, with no borders on anything individualism means you are completely alone in this world on any topic. probably why all raiders throughout history had zero problems conquering “civilizations” of tens of millions with maybe 10 000 men. ten thousand penis-strongs vs one big vagina.

    straight up

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      R/k is real and has significant effects, and I think MM would give it more than zero credence, but I think he’s 70% correct to reject the political interpretation. Which is to say, the correlation between social class and life history strategy is about twice as strong as the correlation between conservatism and life history strategy.

  3. Julian says:

    Those people who lack an inner monologue and instead think visually or conceptually, like Aeoli, are falsely labeled “non-player characters” when in fact they’re the only ones capable of having original ideas. The majority of people who innately possess the “inner monologue” must constantly have to suffer the abuses of that inner voice telling them to say the same dumb shit over and over again. I think some of that was mentioned in a previous podcast but I felt inclined to repeat it.

  4. bicebicebice says:

    “but I think he’s 70% correct to reject the political interpretation”

    yes sure for sapes (but then you can say the r aka muh dick is the “political”-everything strategy inb4), probably on ur-archetypes are willing to go down with the ideological ship “nooo I must be a pharaooo I don’t want to do the same thing but in in a suit it is not the same reeee woe is me *kills self melodramatically* “.

    umm I guess then the % is even higher. healthy individals that reject to “spread their genes” as much as possible much have some stronger hold towards something else and isn’t that usually politics which is philosophy in practice (even especially for autistic technocracy example being all chidlless eu politicians in brussels) and most I guess historical people in general they seem to adopt society as their somehow “child”.
    I might be saying here the politica interpretation IS the breeding…maybe

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