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Melonhead genetic memories of high fashion (re: pride flags)

(It’s been too normal around here lately.) Thoughts? What they’re picking up on is it looks like a person now in that orientation. Compare: I wonder if flared collars are meant to evince bulbAla Kusanagi’s lateral bangs Notable: About … Continue reading

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An accidental connection: Urban Shield and Antifa organized terrorism

Last week’s FTN put me on to, and I found this while I was browsing: Police in Massachusetts on all levels (local, county, state, federal, and semi-private institutional) have participated in trainings in Israel, as well as in domestic initiatives … Continue reading

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Sauna studying observations

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I like to study in the sauna when I can. I wore my chest strap heart rate monitor in the sauna the last couple of times. Here are my observations: It takes about 20 … Continue reading

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Why NFTs exist, a guide for oldfucks like yourself

Put yourself in the shoes of a Gen Z manlet: 1. Grow up in a hellish totalitarian panopticon the likes of which has never been seen. 2. Dress in gray and never speak in public. 3. Go through the repressed … Continue reading

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Letting go (with Berserk example)

This is actually a very practical idea. When people get into goal-setting they have to get their heads around the idea of what’s attainable vs. not. Then there’s the limiting beliefs thing. Basically there are things you could attain if … Continue reading

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From normiechat: Why every CEO is a woke shitlib (tl;dr- Google “compelled speech”)

So I have very little to do right now at my new job. With all the free time on my hands I did a little more digging into the company I work for. [CENSORSHIP] is a multinational real estate company … Continue reading

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On evaluating tech business conspiracies

NB: Thanks to aiaslives for creating the new header. NB2: I added the advice post on trades, engineering, and entrepreneurship to the Resources list in the sidebar. If you’re ever trawling the archives and notice something conspicuously missing please drop … Continue reading

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Who’s gonna make it (roughly speaking)

I had the thought right now that, if I’m right about 2028 being the big cutoff date when Noah battens down the hatches on the ark, the people who are about 8 years behind in political awareness aren’t going to … Continue reading

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Clive Barker excerpts re: sensualism as an -ism

I’ve referenced these sections enough times now that I’d like to be able to point people to them. Massive spoilers follow. From “The Book of Blood”       Mary Florescu drummed the table with her fingers. Her wedding ring was loose … Continue reading

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Psychology of food idea (followup to Allen Carr book review)

Re: I have an idea for the ideal relationship with your food:1) Maximize nutrition2) Minimize cravingsIf you’re experiencing cravings, you’re doing food wrong.For example, eating a cinnamon roll is going to produce cravings later.Simple calorie restrictions will also produce … Continue reading

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