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Request for business book suggestions

Here’s the context: Here’s the link: Criticism of Kaufman’s list aside, his book Personal MBA itself is quite good and I’ve read it several times. Boneflour also recommended Thiel’s book Zero to One and I’ll second that one too. … Continue reading

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Owl convo re: 2×2 for hiring by SSMV

Topic: 2×2 for hiringCan/can’t take initiativeCan/can’t take directionRelate to SSMV, explain typical mistakes (80/20 diversity). Mistakes: 1) all Deltas, 2) all Betas, 3) all Alphas (sales esp.), 4) thinking sigmas != Gammas with high market value/desirableness.All Betas is nice but … Continue reading

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Owl convo re: understanding psychopathic elites

Funny story about the empathy one.My little brother has been dipping his toe into conspiracy theories lately.But his big litmus test is “Can I conceive of myself doing such things in those situations.”He recently pointed out “We never talk about … Continue reading

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Retrospective on mixed feelz and Asperger’s

I’ve noticed that people who like dark comedy tend to be high in social intelligence. There’s probably an element of disagreeableness in there too. I’d also distinguish comic relief from dark comedy. Comic relief is cracking a dad joke in … Continue reading

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Slave morality

Slave morality is the belief that powerlessness implies innocence (i.e. morality = inability to get what you want except by accident). Therefore, adherents verbally abnegate all forms of power: violence, understanding, social influence, etc. They pretend to be ignorant, passive, … Continue reading

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Afghanistan withdrawal reacts

Disclaimer: this happening feels 20% weird in the way that last year’s housing bubble felt 75% weird and the 24/7 cable news coverage of the Epstein assassination felt 100% weird. That means it could be what it appears in large … Continue reading

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On bending vs. breaking

A conversation with saladboy with small edits for readability. Why Is It Taking So Long to Get Vaccines for Kids? “A few things still need to happen before the shots can be authorized for Americans younger than 12.” -The Atlantic … Continue reading

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Response to the Unabomber Manifesto

The purpose of industrial society is to conduct warfare on an industrial scale, and my ultimate criticism of primitivists is they don’t have a realistic plan for conducting warfare against other technological societies. It’s a deceptive form of pacifism adopted … Continue reading

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Review and thoughts on the Evangelion rebuild movies

The last EVA movie is out. Overall I’m quite happy with it. Surprisingly, the most disappointing part was the robot fights. The emotional shit was on point and the last hour especially was phenomenally cathartic. Great ending. The airship fights … Continue reading

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A few observations re: normie stress responses

Post-partum depression is a failure of transference from the egocentrism of young women to the child-centrism of mothers, which typically arises from a feminist ideological resistance to the change in life roles. Women who lack nurturing instincts due to extreme … Continue reading

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