This is a collection of the most important vocabulary and ideas for reading da blergh. It is very much a work in progress.

Requests for definitions and suggested definitions welcome.

Abstract intuition: The application of concrete intuition to the aesthetic properties of ideas produced by synesthesia. This is a mode of thought which seems to characterize extraordinary scientific minds.

Aeolitalk: A lexicon I make up as I go in order to talk about observed phenomena for which I lack proper vocabulary.

Aeoli Pera: A very classy way of describing myself as a windbag.

AS/HFA: The high end of the autism spectrum as defined by the DSM-IV. AS = “Asperger’s Syndrome” and HFA = “high-functioning autism”.

Behaviorisms: Small demands (esp. in mass) characterized by 1) smallness 2) simplicity 3) disjointedness, 4) requirement of a short period of uninterrupted attention and 5) classical reward/punishment by a distant authority. Typically used for training mindless obedience to authority.

Counterfactual simulation: Directed imagination. Assuming the event or state you’re simulating is already true, then filling the gaps between A (where you are) and B (where you want to be). [Ref: 1.]

Depression: A mindset which accompanies the inadvertent switch to a biological strategy adapted to resource scarcity (rather than the typical, optimistic “abundance” mindset). Typically induced by many frustrations over time. [Ref: 1.]

Genius: There are several possible definitions. Typically I am using definition 7.

1. Very high general intelligence (common definition)
2. Precociousness (colloquial definition)
3. Extraordinary talent that is highly specific (like virtuoso musicianship a la Paganini or Liszt; colloquial definition)
4. Origination of one or more important ideas (proper, etymological definition)
5. Extraordinary creativity (Cooijmans’ definition)
6. Pathologically altruistic, group fitness-enhancing creativity (Charlton’s definition)
7. Obsessive-compulsive, anxiety-downregulating creativity (my definition)
8. People who work for Apple (definition by people who work for Apple)

You will probably have to figure out which one people mean from context. Even though people tend to take these things personally, it still doesn’t hurt to ask, usually.

Habit chain: A series of behaviors (as in behavioral theory), each of whose consequents forms the antecedent for the next behavior.

Intuition: The production of a complex instinct from simple instincts, which afterward becomes hardcoded in perception. Intuition is restricted to concrete sensory perceptions unless it is paired with synesthesia (which produces abstract intuition).

Mindfulness: Lack of mental energy wastefulness (esp. from lack of anxiety). [Ref: 1.]

Multitasking: Rapid switching between linear mental processes, which suffers efficiency losses called “thrashing”. For some reason, women are so much better at this than men that there is really no contest.

Multithreading: The ability to follow multiple lines of thought at once. This is distinct from “multitasking” and only seems to appear at truly extraordinary verbal IQ levels, perhaps around 160. [Ref: 1.]

Thal: A contraction of “neanderthal”, typically used to refer to modern human phenotypes strongly deviated toward neanderthal DNA expression. [Ref: 1, 2, 3, 4.]

Thard: An AS/HFA acting like an idiot in a characteristically autistic way. It’s a play on the words ‘thal and ‘tard (a contraction of “retard”).

Willpower: Chemical energy available to the white matter network in the physical brain. (Ref: 1.)

Wisdom: A system of correct mental models regarding the most important things in life (esp. oneself, other humans, virtue, money, and God). [Ref: 1.]