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Couple of thoughts about normal folks between 110 and 125 IQ. 1. The reason they aren’t tenable in a technological workforce is that they don’t know how to make decisions when resources are unambiguously scarce. Time is a scarce resource, … Continue reading

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Pattern perception

More speculative psychology. If that’s not your thing, you’re in the wrong part of the internet. Here’s a bit I wrote up in a VP thread. I did a lot of blathering in that one and some other weirdos jumped … Continue reading

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Any assortative mating -> Multicult

Here’s a throwaway thought: most of the multiculti troubles are due to the university stratification process described by Murray and Herrnstein. This is because smart people from different cultures tend to have more in common with each other than with … Continue reading

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Why systemizers aren’t “people” people

tl;dr- You only have one white matter network for systemizing, and you can spend the whole thing on systems of “signaling”-style communication. Most people spend most of their white matter on this task because their reproductive strategy is R-selected, intratribal … Continue reading

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Gray matter focus is diamagnetic

This phrase resonates with a certain subset of people. They will jump on it like a starving man jumps on a roast beef sandwich, but when you ask them what it means, they’ll be completely incapable of explaining. They’ll pause … Continue reading

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Power talk is complex signaling

This is a very trivial connection, but I think it’s an important one. I’m tempted to make the stronger statement “All charisma is complex signaling”, but I don’t have the go-ahead from my intuition. (Aha, I’ve just realized why: if … Continue reading

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Thinking about fields in which smart women are actually under-represented

Had the thought that smart, stress-resilient women are under-represented among aircraft controllers. This is a job that requires a great deal of parallel processing and trivial memory retrieval, which are already within the female wheelhouse. This follows from my observation … Continue reading

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