Women and shoes

Back in the day I thought it was really insightful to notice that clothes are how people signal their group affiliations, like wearing a patchwork uniform. “See, I’m part of the great workers’ revolution because I have ripped jeans, but I’m high-class because they’re expensive. Salt mines for thee, not for me.” I was like leetle baby back then. But for all that childish insight I couldn’t figure out the nigh sexual fascination women, blacks, and social competitors have with shoes. I’ve known a couple of smarter black guys who could list all of the shoes their coworkers had, and which days of the week they usually wore them. A very smart, socially competitive man once advised me to spend 80% of my clothes budget on shoes if I want to be taken seriously by other competitors.

A slew of eye-tracking heatmaps reveal some very interesting sex differences in subconscious desire, (as well as revealing optimum product positioning, which come to think of it is related to the former).

Women aren’t blind to other women’s beauty. Or their shoes. (Men, as per cultural stereotype, don’t give a shit about a hot babe’s choice of footwear.)

Chateau Heartiste
Eye Gaze Experiments Demonstrate Holistic Female Attraction Triggers

Turns out the answer is in the question. Shoes are the most signally article of clothing there is, on account of esotericism. When you meet a person for the first time, you process their appearance from top to bottom: the first thing you see is the overall profile, then the face and shirt, then maybe the belt and pants, and the shoes last (if at all). The clothing/style choices that come first in this profile (face, shirt) are more obvious (exoteric), and those that come last are more hidden (esoteric). The more people are interested in signalling (e.g. women, blacks, social competitors, etc.), the more they will care about the more hidden, more “genuine” signals. It kinda makes sense too. The way somebody dresses on their first day of work doesn’t tell you as much about them as the way they dress on casual Friday two years later—same logic for shoes.

Richard Spencer gets a ton of flack for being a “Nazi” despite the fact that his views are pretty moderate. Why? It’s the hair. People see the way he styles himself and know immediately that he is unapologetically interested in power. He isn’t just a white man playing identity politics, he is openly advocating for the interests of white people, and thus antifragile to shaming and ostracism. This is a scary thought for people who grew up on imperialist patriarchy fairy tales and want straight huwhite men to go gently into the night, and never saw any real pushback before. All of this can be inferred from the aesthetics of his immediate appearance, and appearances are the only thing that matters in propaganda—therefore Nazi hair is the nail that sticks up and must be hammered down.

It’s a great deal less obvious what it means when a man wears a brand new pair of brown Oxfords with his tweed jacket, but it’s not impossible to interpret. And if you say anything, he has the all-important element of plausible deniability on his side. This is extremely important when you’re dealing with people who like to know secrets, navigate esoteric social systems for profit, and are transactional gossips (i.e. intratribal competitors). These people love love LOVE plausible deniability because they can argue shamelessly in favor of their interests without the risk of formal censure from rules and laws set up to protect the commons by punishing self-interested behavior.

This esoteric signalling interacts with a number of factors related to social status, but these are descriptive of every other item of clothing too:

1. Job identification: You are your job, and your shoes signal how you spend your time.
2. Functionality: The cleaner, less useful, and newer your shoes are, the higher your class must be.
3. Sensualism: People who have nuanced sensual tastes are more observant of social phenomena. (E.g. Natural materials are high-class, synthetics are low-class.) Shoes are more sensual than shirts, probably because feet are right next to the genitals on the somatosensory cortex.
4. Anti-taste: The top and the bottom of society prefer garish, discordant visual displays, although the necessary attitude is difficult to pull off unless you were born into it. (This could be peacocking but I suspect it’s just degeneracy.)
5. Fashion: Keeping up with the latest trends in footwear signals attentiveness, dedication to social competition, leisure time, and money to spend frivolously.
6. Cost: More expensive clothes mean you’re a WINNAR and I should give you things to curry your favor.
7. Race, genetics, and culture: Your tastes tell people a lot about who and what you are. You can predict a person’s political opinions and voting patterns from their music tastes.

But again, what sets shoes apart is that, like accessories, they are one of the last things you notice when you scan a person’s appearance.

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31 Responses to Women and shoes

  1. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    So the shoe is the masonic handshake of shit-tier slave politicking?

  2. Akuma says:


    Heels and shoes are terrible for women they destroy the curvature of the spine and the pelvic gird. Barefoot or vibros.

  3. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    Regarding the linked foot fetishism post, guess who’s also one?

    4chan’s /tv/ also seems to be fascinated with actresses’ feet. Both of these findings support the suspected neurodiversity correlation.

  4. Akuma says:

    Sorta like white men that wear Air Jordan’s.

  5. Heaviside says:

    lol just got a pair of Ferragamos and you post this

    >You can predict a person’s political opinions and voting patterns from their music tastes.

    We need opinion surveys of Salem fans stat!

  6. Heaviside says:

    What did he mean by this?

  7. Ophiucuck says:

    There’s a lot to unpack, both in Aeoli’s post and yours.
    -Regarding the minimum wage kitchen brothas, you can see this tendency toward vaingloriously trying to signal above their weight class repeated in blacks from coast to coast. The most conspicuous and obvious example is when you drive through certain hoods and its nothing but 5 Series and SLKs parked outside of dilapidated, 300 sq ft huts.

    -Regarding Aeoli’s assertion that the far ends of the upper and lower classes prefer gaudy, tasteless fashion I’d say that’s true for the more visible elements of the upper class (think Hollywood), but the more out-of-sight uppers prefer relatively down-to-earth–yet very sensually refined–clothing. Then of course you have people like Tony Podesta and his Closet of Many (Ugly) Colors.

    -Regarding esoteric signaling: when someone is adept enough to pay attention to your shoes, they will also be adept enough to pay attention to your belt, which must match the shoes both in materials used (i.e. natural vs. synthetic) as well as color; of these two factors, color is more important. Of course, the color/material scheme of your belt and shoes will have to (at least roughly) match your other clothing, which will have to make sense with your hairstyle and other exoteric factors. All of these factors will combine to form your outward “identity signal” that tHe LaDiEzZz will pick up on and either be receptive or cold toward depending on their own outward “group signal”.

    One fact to keep in mind: the more low-key and the more effortless your get-up appears to be, the more success you’ll tend to have. Effortless, good. Tryhard, bad.


    Trebizond: “So the shoe is the masonic handshake of shit-tier slave politicking?”


    Once you reach Signaling Game Level 4 (Secret Master) you’ll have at least 3 pairs of shoes that cost over $80.

    Once you’re at Level 15 (Knight of the East, of the Sword, or of the Eagle), you’ll have a few fresh button-downs to wear that match your shoes–but not in an obnoxious or overly obvious way

    Then when you get to Level 27 (Commander of the Temple) both your kicks and accessories are not only sorted out and relatively tasteful but also have a slightly worn-in appearance that signals authenticity and that you’re not a tryhard. You’ve also mastered the art of male fragrance and what facial hair style is appropriate for which occasion and why

    Once you’ve crossed the threshold to Level 31 (the Consistory Degrees) I’m not sure what happens. All I know is that from Level 32 (Master of the Royal Secret) and upward it involves worshipping someone named Rick Owens as well as something called “Lunarcore”.

    Don’t forget to have fun

    • Akuma says:

      What ever happened to wearing functional clothes. Boots are all weather so are cargo shorts, cargo pants, and jeans. Men that spend large swaths of time preening are faggot.

      Next you guys are gonna be talking about how you have to pamper your ball sacks with special lotion. Just take a cold shower and piss down the drain.

      • Ophiucuck says:

        Agree, as does the Windbag:


        “See, you have to be a bit of a fag to be a proper Chad now. Consider that Milo is the pinnacle of PUA virtue (narcissism, the gift of gab.ai, glorious coiffer): if you could emulate him you’d be the greatest PUA of all time.”


        “Next you guys are gonna be talking about how you have to pamper your ball sacks with special lotion.”

        Interestingly, this extremely preening, over-grooming behavior is something that I’ve noticed black men display very consistently. I think it has to do with the sexual monomorphism between black men and women.


        “Genuine question: Is lotion a black thing (especially for guys)? A random white dude at the gym asked me why I use all these ‘products’ (basically face lotion and body lotion). I asked, ‘Don’t you use lotion?’ He said, ‘For what!?'”

        • Akuma says:

          The comment was pseudo-hyperbolic because the faggotry is starting to bother me more. I’ve been going to a gym that has med students so I can’t lift like a man. No chalk, no blood, no barefoot. Talking to the girls is gonna end bad because reasons (i.e blogs, forums, and monographs). Someone might lose their shit and report me to the dindu fitness manager who Ive already got into a tense stare down. If it was on the street a fight would have broken out.. They even blocked my run path when I was doing weighted sprints. But I digress.

          Aloe Vera is good for sun burns. If you are out in the cold chapped hands can be cured by lotion.

          • Ophiucuck says:

            Fuck that noise. Spring for a real gym membership if you’ve got the money.

          • Akuma says:

            Oh I will eventually. Probably won’t be until I move. This gym has a pool and swiming is great for fat burning. Theres two other gyms. One doesnt have a squat or power rack. Smith machines only. The only good part about it is I can take The 45 45lb plates and go do cheap farmers carries in the parking lot. I kept breaking there treadmill too. The second gym was a dirty bodybuilding gym and then the cuck of an owner gave it to some Ethiopian Dr. Its now family and SWPL oriented. The only other option is to ride the bicycle 10+ miles one way to the Crossfit box. However thats gonna be extra dangerous as its straight though a highway corridor loaded with bald eagles, ospreys, notorious for car crashes, and no road shoulders.

          • Ophiucuck says:

            >”The second gym was a dirty bodybuilding gym and then the cuck of an owner gave it to some Ethiopian Dr. Its now family and SWPL oriented.”

            The March of Western Pussification continues.

            >”However thats gonna be extra dangerous as its straight though a highway corridor loaded with bald eagles, ospreys, notorious for car crashes, and no road shoulders.”

            Sounds like Colorado or something. At least you do have swimming for the time being; it’s definitely one of the best (or at least one of my favorite) forms of exercise in general.

  8. Heaviside says:

    Shoes are fun. Maybe more (straight) guys would get it if they invested in one pair of really expensive shoes?

    • Ophiucuck says:

      I get what you’re saying; my friend once got a pair of Lucchese boots for Christmas that were like a substitute girlfriend for him for almost a year. He wore a giant hole in the bottom of them, then got them repaired by a professional cobbler; he still occasionally wears them even today. I think the most expensive shoes I’ve owned to date were a pair of Cole Hahn loafers that cost like 300 bucks. I wore the fuck out of those niggers until they died as well.

      • Ophiucuck says:

        So I guess I’ve never gotten too terribly deep into the shoe game myself, but from observing the behavior of people close to me it makes sense how someone could develop an emotional affinity for footwear, especially coupled with the subtly increased positive feedback from the opposite sex that comes with wearing more high quality shoes.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Clearly the average autism quotient on this blog has dropped in the last year.

  9. Heaviside says:

    “shoes are the article of clothing that represent possibility. Each shoe is a different look, a different character, and she can select “who” she wants to be that day. You might not notice the difference, but she feels it.”

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