More boring-ass, derivative Christian explanifying that may actually edify and/or age well

To what degree does God wish for us to be co-creators as opposed to shepherds of his domain?

Speaking as your personal adviser on Christian matters, the orthodox answer is that “co-creation” is a New Age heresy:

“In the [New Age Movement] Man is central. He is viewed as divine, as co-creator, as the hope for future peace and harmony. A representative quote might be: ‘I am affected only by my thoughts. It needs but this to let salvation come to all the world. For in this single thought is everyone released at last from fear.’ (A Course in Miracles, The Foundation for Inner Peace, Huntington Station, N.Y. Lesson 228, p. 461.)”

The Romantic Christianity Charlton talks about can be traced back to figures like William Blake, who were at best anti-atheist edgelords.

Speaking as myself, I don’t really know but I definitely don’t trust the sort of people who push the idea. I strongly suspect it’s yet another reoccurrence of Gnosticism.

Damn, I thought I had an only moderately woo rationalist extrapolation of the incurrence of responsibility qua divinely afforded agency

The actual command (responsibility) is to subdue the earth and rule it, which is much closer to the way Jordan Peterson presents it.

I believe in Overwatch you stated Satan rules Earth currently. Is this to be taken as a human failing?

That’s a harder question than it looks because the nature of Satan’s dominion isn’t clear:

But yes, and the logic goes like this:

  1. God made man “in his image”
  2. “In his image” means having spiritual unity with God’s will, AKA having the moral law within us, conscience, etc.
  3. This is why we’re given dominion, not because we’re the strongest or smartest animal.
  4. The “Fall”, as orchestrated by Satan, broke the unity so that our will is by nature separated from God’s will.
  5. Insofar as we follow the “fallen” nature we are serving Satan, insofar as we follow the reconciled nature (via Christ’s death) our will is once again reunited with God’s.

The Bible uses “life” and “death” as an analogy for divergence: in physical life, the spirit is unified with the body. In death, the spirit is separated from the body. When it talks about spiritual life, it means the will is unified with God’s will, whereas spiritual death means the will is separated from God’s will.

The role of Satan in this can be compared to an adult convincing children they can fly so they’ll jump off a cliff.

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6 Responses to More boring-ass, derivative Christian explanifying that may actually edify and/or age well

  1. Riv says:

    “In his image” should probably be “as his image”
    The word used for image there is the same that is in other places used for an idol statue.
    My understanding is, that humans are supposed to represent God on earth, and for that purpose are made as living vessels for his Spirit to inhabit (not in the sense of possession but really habitation – see 1Cor 3:16 or John 14:23 for example; the new testament uses a lot of temple imagery when it comes to the holy spirit and believers) which is indeed unity with his will, but might go beyond just having a conscience and the law written on ones heart.
    If humans have been given dominion over the earth, then whatever human allows himself to be inhabited by would be the ruler of the world (even if it is just ones animal nature), though God is the higher instance in any case.
    Makes humans prime real estate for any other kind of spirit also.

  2. Sturm Bringer says:

    Do not know if by giving you this I do a great evil or a great good(or somewhere in between), nevertheless you did me a favor posting easypeasy and so

    Look for cambriawillnotyield, a blog of a man recently passed, who wrote about God and christ but not from the head but rather the heart.

    Ps you may require the service of the waybackmachine, or similiar, or else find anothers saved collection.

  3. aiaslives says:

    WP wants text so here it is

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