I may have to eat crow on this one

Jazzhands & Ethnarch from FTN (in this particular case Jazz & Jessie) seem to think, after supposedly actually reading the bill, that these landmines are not there, and they’re typically right about these things. For now I’m gonna trust them because the alternative is too painful. I’ll plantrust Jazzhands before I plantrust our supposed God Emperor. Fingers crossed…

Comment on Based&Christpilled Hungarians

I did the “run for the hills bit” based on Queen Ann’s opinion, because only the Wall matters (draining the swamp is a sideshow) and it was already looking like Trump dithered in dealmaking until it was too late for the necessary push of pure deternination. But Jazzhands and Ethnarch have similar interests and qualifications to Coulter and also something she doesn’t have: male teamwork with mutually reinforcing Alpha and Delta traits. My only concern here is it doesn’t sound like Ethnarch was actually involved in the analysis, and Sven can’t fill that spot.

You also have to admit, it would be great TV if construction began during the Democratic primaries. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the first rule of melonhead is “the show must go on”, which means the common elite interest in engineering attention metrics might be the deciding factor. They would be willing to trade another term and a quarter Wall for a war in Venezuela.

When the current world order does break down, this will be the order of things:

1. Grievance identity groups vote for Socialism.
2. Industry literally and visibly begins to crumble into dust.
3. One of the more destitute countries decides this is the time to experiment with buying oil in some Russo-Iranian cryptocurrency or something.
4. The US declares war and is shocked, shocked to learn that they don’t even have the industrial infrastructure for drone strikes against goat herders.
5. Global petrocurrency preference cascade.
6. Loss of trade deficit-inflated standard of living for Americans.
7. Dignified and reasonable response to sudden poverty by diverse and proximate Americans.
8. Ownership of copper wire becomes illegal.

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4 Responses to I may have to eat crow on this one

  1. bicebicebice says:

    Walls are anathema to melons it hinders the, in their minds, maximum people worshipping them faulty calculation. the world loves trump, american-americans hate him for his treason. america is open for business and it serves itz owners, israel

  2. glosoli says:

    Hello Aeoli and your readers.

    Another monster post has just been launched at the best blog on the internet, with the fewest readers. Any help anyone can give to spread the Word, that would be appreciated, because Itz definitely happening (and by Itz I could mean WW3, the second coming, or a revival).

    Visions, dreams, and too many 7s and 49s to even get them all down, it’s an exciting time to be me, and the crash still hasn’t started, that’ll be the icing on the cake the next week or two.


    Thanks brother.

  3. Boneflour says:


    The default is “ignore voters and roll over for the left”.

    What cuck Republican would have to declare a national emergency “as an excuse to do nothing”? It wouldn’t even exist as an option at this point. Guac bowl Jeb was giving speeches in Spanish during the primaries!

    Between actually doing the government shutdown and declaring a state of emergency, we are at at least three “inconceivable, never gonna happen” events in term one.

    Remember when Trump was “just doing this as a publicity stunt”?

    I voted for “metaphorical boot off the neck” and good TV, with anything past that as a bonus. Fighting back is now a strategy and “throw the smirking kids in the woodchopper” has convinced even normies that fighting is needed.

    The Wall is being built?!? Looking likely, still anyone’s game.

    But what if the real MAGA is the friends we made along the way?

  4. Heaviside says:

    >The US declares war and is shocked, shocked to learn that they don’t even have the industrial infrastructure for drone strikes against goat herders.

    Do you think this is anything new? When the U.S. bombing Indochina that napalm was Made in Japan. Fear of “socialism” is just COPE for the fact that Americans were never able to fight the real socialism here at home, the U.S. military: the real socialism that actually deindustrialized their country.

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