Suffixes as file extensions, et al.

For a bunch of supposed geniuses, software developers have a way of building mazes from straight lines. Consider how much sense the following suggestion makes, and then consider from whom it originates- some nobody on the internet.

Use English suffixes for extensions.

Executables ought to be declined similarly to verbs, because you use them to do things. The most obvious example is -er. If your program multiplies two numbers, the executable should be named, not multiply.exe. If the executable file is the launcher, name it Such a simple idea, it’s downright stupid.

Functions should always be named with verbs. If the function adds its arguments, it’s a transitive verb and should be named as such. Which means that the most esoteric form of “divide a and b” should be divide(a,b), not quotient(a,b). We’re speaking in the imperative mood here, not the indicative. And honestly, I think we can do better than that. If a function doesn’t take an argument, it’s an intransitive verb.

We have a lot of available suffixes (suffices?) for different file extensions. And that’s not even to mention the use of portmanteaus, like “”. It’s such a simple idea that I’m already bored with it.

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