The people deserve to know!

iSteve got on a roll last night.

Back on March 18th I wrote about what comedian Norm MacDonald calls Tom Hanks Disease…

First, I want to thank everybody who has already fired off a comment to the effect that “Tom Hanks is NOT popular with me.” Keep doing what you do. Don’t ever change.

Q-tards don’t have enough the class to know when their betters are spitting on them in contempt. That’s the problem with this insult, it’s just too damn classy. But I want them to know. Maybe it’s because I’m new money, as it were, but I want Q-tards to understand they left any chances of redemption behind them with their ice cold response to Coronavirus. I want them to know we’ve been watching. You will never be entrusted with responsibility after this.

It takes a lot of hard work to piss off a guy like Steve Sailer, but I suspect the understanding that he would have been accused of pedophilia if he’d gone skiing this year had something to do with it:

When I had cancer when I was 38, people would ask my wife, “So, like … Steve’s a smoker, right?”


Then they’d get kind of depressed and thoughtful-looking.

What people hope is that if you got really sick that means you must have deserved your disease. And since they don’t deserve a disease, that means they’ll live forever.

-Steve Sailer
Deserve’s Got Nothing to Do with It

So I’ll echo iSteve’s joke: Don’t ever change. Even if you had any concept of becoming a decent person, you wouldn’t deserve it now. Crawl back into your hole and wait for the end.

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  1. MM says:

    *unironic clapping*

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